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Two Months Old Baby

Two Months Old Baby

The times flies by when you have a kid and you find yourself looking at the most beautiful baby in the world and wondering when did the two months go. You don’t notice any differences, you don’t see that he changed much from the day that he was born except if you look at the pictures from his first days.

But he is bigger, and he is growing up. He finishes his meals faster, he stays awake more and he is smiling at you with his eyes open, not only in his dreams, he looks at you and this time he is really seeing you because his eye sight has improved, and he is heavier but you don’t notice because your arms are getting stronger.

But someone said once small children have small problems, and big kids have big problems. Because at first it was just eat, sleep, poop, bath, walk, and repeat. Now is everything from above and then some. But I’m loving every single minute I spend with him.

I don’t get why people ask me if my baby is good, what to they want to know? My baby is good, he doesn’t throw stuff at me, he doesn’t yell or curse at me, he is well behaved, but doesn’t talk much. When he cries because of gas, or belly ache, or for food, or because he is cold, he is not doing it on purpose! It is his way of communicating something is wrong, the longer you wait to fix his problem the longer he’ll cry. It’s like a game of Hot and Cold, when someone is hiding an object and in order to find it you have to walk around and the person who knows where it is will lead you by saying Hot when you are near the object, or warm when you are close, or cold when you are far away from the object.

He doesn’t want to be cold or hungry, so crying is not something he does because he is┬áspoiled, not when he is so small. When he needs you, he calls you the only way he knows. So hold your baby, be there to suit his needs, let him know he can count on you to be there when he needs you, and he will grow up to be a confident young man, that knows his mommy is there for him, and he will trust you and he will respect you, because you will give him what he needs, NOT necessary what he wants.

So, yeah, my baby is not a bad boy, even if he cries and he is fussy and can’t put him down in his crib for a few hours now and then, because his tummy hurts, his pain saddens me, it doesn’t make me angry, I want to take away his pain so he will not cry anymore, that does not make him a bad baby, that makes him a baby with a problem that needs to be solved and is my duty to make my baby happy, even if it means I have to hold him in my arms even when I have to go to the bathroom.

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