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Twenty Six Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Six Weeks Pregnant

Although the first day of twenty six weeks has passed I couldn’t find any time to write about the last week. As I was in Bucharest for the weekend and we went to the doctors appointment on Friday, I only had my Ipad with me and was more difficult to write about what happen.

So Friday we saw our little guy at the ultrasound. The doctor said he has a big head, my husband said, after we left the office, that this means it look like me. She also said he has big, full lips and she was wandering who he resembles with. I said Angelina Jolie! I don’t know how a big headed baby with full lips will look like but if it was a girl I sure would love the big lips.

I’m praying that he will not get my bad eye sight or my damaged teeth. He still measured ahead and has almost one kilo. The doctor said the spots on my breast will pass after birth and also the line that rises when I tense my belly, were the middle of my muscles are, will also pass after birth and it is do to lack of exercise in the past.

My husband said that now we HAVE to make a little girl next so that someone will resemble him too. After this little one is born I don’t think that we will care who he looks like more.

Family Picture

Saturday we went to Botanical Garden with some good friends, took some pretty pictures. I can’t loose the feeling I’m fat even if everybody else says different, but it was nice and we ate a good pizza afterwards. We found out that the pizza place my husband used to take me when we started dating has been closed and we were very sad, we used to come there from time to time just for the memories, and for the best pizza I ate in my life. The lady waiter there always knew what pizza we wanted.

We are expecting the Easter holidays this weekend and we have a lot to do. I took the car out for a spin to get used to driving it and we went at a car wash, so at least the car is clean. Tomorrow a lady will come to help me with the cleaning in the bathroom and my old coffee store, so that we can extend our kitchen. I still have a long list that needs to be done, every day till Saturday. Hope I’ll get everything done in time.

Symptoms: I’m starting to walk slower because my feet hurt very fast, I guess I’m not used to having to carry so much weight, and my back is hurting more and more. If I walk like a duck and talk like a duck there is no doubt I’m a pregnant duck. I really can’t think of anything else, except using the bathroom more often, I don’t think I feel other symptoms.

Baby makes all kinds of lumps on my belly bump. And that seems to be the his behind because at the ultrasound we saw his head all the way on my right side where he is also pushing and moving sometimes.

Belly Lump

New measurements:
Baby weight: 760 grams (ours measured 950 grams)
Baby head to toe: 35.6 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 68,9 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 97

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 88 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 97 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 103 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 100 cm

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