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Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

More than a half of pregnancy has past, yet I didn’t feel any of it. I had some nausea but it was more like lack of appetite, some back pain, but now that it passed, I don’t really remember it that painful. When thinking about symptoms I heard before getting pregnant, and does I had it seems like myths now. I don’t think I expected to hit me VERY hard and that is the reason I didn’t feel so sick. I truly pity the women that feel all the bad symptoms of the pregnancy.

The only thing that tells me for sure that I’m pregnant are those little nudges in my belly that happen more often as the time passes. The weight gain is still something that scares me a little. I was once 65 kilo and I easily got rid of them without effort. I’m more scared of what will come next. I still don’t have any food cravings but I get hungry more often and I can fit more food in my belly at one meal, and my meat aversion is getting better, I’m not over it entirely, but it’s easier now, so there will be more weight gain in the future.

Symptoms: Headache, that is caused by not drinking plenty of water I suppose, and nose congestion, still. I had a very bad tooth ache and my doctor advised me to go and fix it and even take antibiotics if necessary. My baby is HITTING my belly stronger and stronger, and he seems that he stretches his legs in my right lower part of my belly and it hurts a little sometimes because I’m smaller there and I usually have my elastic waistband there. So whenever that happens I look like Al Bundy with my hand inside my pants so that it won’t be too tight on my belly. He still makes my bump look strange and crooked from time to time and I can’t wait to catch that on video as soon as he has more power so that the camera can catch the movement.

Lately I have some new acid reflux symptoms and some heartburn, but that doesn’t happen too often.

New measurements:

Baby weight: 360 grams
Baby head to toe: 26,7 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 64,1 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 93 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 83 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 94 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 100 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 94 cm


  • You’re looking great for 21 weeks! If you like pineapple, try eating some of that before you normally get heartburn. I have been having really bad acid reflux/heartburn at night for about the past month and I read that pineapple is a home remedy of sorts. All this week my nightly routine has been to eat canned pineapple chunks as a snack after dinner, and I’ve had no heartburn at all! Hope you find something that helps you as well, I know how bad it can hurt.

    • Thanks, Haley! It really does hurt. It’s like drinking vodka on an empty stomach. And I’m so thirsty but when I drink to much water it comes back if I have my belly full. I will try some pineapple more so because I crave some from some days now, now I’m wondering if my body knew this remedy 😀
      I’m following your belly on your blog too, I like how your smile it’s getting bigger and bigger as the belly grows 😛

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