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Twenty Nine Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Nine Weeks Pregnant
I don’t know how to say I feel. I’m powerless about my cravings and eating sweets, even tough my doctor recommended to not over do it with sweets. Sometimes I crave something salty and end up eating something sweet instead. I’m eating Jaffa cake at this very moment and not even the guilt can stop me.

The weight gain is bothering me very much, not because is too much but because is too many grams in too short of a time. Beside eating something sweet every day, ice cream is a must because is getting hot here, I ate just one unhealthy meal this week, a pizza which I was craving for about two weeks. After the pizza I felt so relieved and didn’t think about anything unhealthy since. Even the spinach I ate the last couple of days was mouthwatering.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do about my sweet tooth but I will try to keep it down a little. I even stopped eating Jaffa cakes right now.

I need to get well informed about breastfeeding. I’m concerned I won’t be able to do it more than 1-2 months because any of the girls around me, that had babies recently and are about my age couldn’t do it more than 1-2 months. Of course I was afraid I will miscarriage at the beginning because of the same principles, the girls around me always miscarried the first try, but now is a more common problem and I’m afraid I will be the same as others.

I considered myself lucky with this baby, because both me and my husband have 0 positive blood group and I felt the baby sank with me and we got along so well. No nausea, no other bad symptoms, but breastfeeding isn’t about being on the same page with the baby, is about not being stressed when you do it which I will probably manage for about a month when I will be home with my mom, but after I return to my mother in law, anything can happen. Here the stress level is always unpredictable.

We finally have an idea of what our baby is going to be named. When we started we had just one we chose very early because we got used to it so much, and had no idea of what the middle name would be, but after we finished with the list we ended having two options for middle name. So we made a deal to let them sink in and see which one we get used to. It worked the first time, I think we will be sure about the names by the time the baby comes. We like them both and I simply don’t want to flip a coin, we want to make the right choice and not second guessing ourselfs after we choose.

And yesterday the most beautiful thing happen. My husband and I were listening with the stethoscope for a light tapping I feel sometimes very low in my belly. Is rhythmic and seems too fast for hiccups, not that rhythmic that can mean I feel my pulse, and not as fast as my pulse really is. So we were trying to figure it out when my husband starts smiling a wide smile and said: I’m hearing his heartbeat!

NO WAY! He gave me the stethoscope to hear it too but couldn’t hear anything clear, but didn’t want to burst his bubble and didn’t said anything, he took it again, found it again more strongly and give it to me, again. This time it was as clear as a heartbeat and so beautiful I couldn’t stopped smiling. My husband put his ear on my belly and said it was better without the stethoscope, which I envied a little but couldn’t be more happy about our little guy inside.

We counted around 140 beats per minute and he is getting stronger and more accurate when kicking my bladder. I can’t wait to meet him!

Symptoms: Some backaches, some sharp kicking in my bladder, baby doesn’t care where his foot is going, some acid reflux and some cravings.

New measurements:
Baby weight: 1153 grams (ours measured 950 grams at 25 weeks)
Baby head to toe: 38.6 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 70.6 kg (there goes my cute and pregnant days, not fat and pregnant. I gain like 200 grams per day, and nobody can stop me.)

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 98 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 94 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 97 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 103 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 101 cm


  • Gawd, it SUCKS living with family!! You need to send hubby in there to talk to mom. (I know your prolly moved out by now but…) ” Hey mom, I was thinking it would be really cool to paint the babies room a nice shade of blue, will you come to the paint store with me and help me pick out a good color of blue?” Hooked, set, reel her in!! Hehe.
    …as for dust, I get it, my wife LOVES brick-a-brack things, dust catchers is what I call them! If I had my way there would be maybe ten pictures on the walls in the house and all of those would be paintings or art prints, we can put family pics on the dresser and realities go in the album! Hehe. I like a mostly empty looking house, but there’s stands and shelves and tables and tons of other stuff too. Ugh! We live out in the country so you CANT get rid of the dust, most of it never makes ITV to the ac filter, just lands on crap!

    …as for the furniture, you should hire a steam cleaner or dry cleaner company to come in and do all the furniture and floors! Its not too expensive. You could rent a steam cleaner for the carpet if you have carpet, ive never tried them on furniture, but hey, if you ruined it you could buy a new one! Win win!! If the stuff is 25 years old its prolly all worn out anyways!! P.s., at 29 weeks you still look hot!! 😉

    • Haha, Mike! You know how to make a girl blush! It’s nice to see someone really reads this :))
      Mother in law let us do what we wanted, mostly, with the room. Baby spent there 12 months of his life, but only half of the furniture still there the entire time. She couldn’t understand it was my baby’s room, she still considered it as a storage room or something.

      But we managed to move to an apartment, and we can see the huge differences in dust, we don’t get that much now. Baby has his own room, two walls bright blue, we picked our own furniture, and our walls are full of bright pictures, family photos and baby’s room has some Mickey&Minnie stickers and a Panda bear. It’s nice, and it’s home, and WE decide now. 🙂

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