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Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy

My mother-in-law has two cats, I avoid them as much as I can, I rarely pet them, I don’t give them food and I don’t clean up after them, is her job to do that because they are not mine, right?

However the thing I fear the most is Toxoplasmosis, a dangerous disease if it affects me while I’m pregnant and the cats are one of the bearers, as I said in a previous post. So I can protect myself from them, but the problem is that my mother-in-law can not and probably will not.

She’s ok with them wandering around the table we eat on, walking around the kitchen we make our food in, keeping their open food cans in our fridge, next to our food, making their bathroom on the hallway where we keep the fridge and giving them food in their bathroom, but they could do whatever they want in their bathroom, except for the fact that we keep the washing machine there, and it’s used as a table for the cats food.

I don’t know how many times I found cat hair with my freshly washed clothes and even their food in the detergent drawer. The solution should be to poison the cats, no, just joking, it would be easier to move away from the house, which is silly to pay some rent when we have a half of a house just for us. The other solution, the one I’m working on, is to make another kitchen upstairs, with our own table, fridge and maybe even a washing machine. Unfortunately that is too expensive, but I would gladly settle with my own kitchen, at least I can have a clean cat-less table.

I was thinking to make a test for Toxoplasmosis so that I can know if it is dangerous or not to make a baby, but I don’t know if it matters in this stage.

Again the mother-in-law gives me more reason to panic about my future baby, I’m telling you, avoid all mother-in-laws when you’re pregnant. Cats too!

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