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The Reasons You Should Get a Baby Monitor

There are millions of different gadgets out there, that they advertise  you NEED for your baby, but in my opinion none are as worthy as a Baby Monitor. The reasons you should get a baby monitor  are so simple, yet so indisputable, that no other gadget out there, or other methods can replace it.

I bought a lot of stuff that I ended up not needing them, thinking I could make my motherhood easier, but it was only for a short while, or could’ve been easily replaced with something I already had or could easily make at home. So the bottle warmer, the bottle sterilizer, the humidifier and even the stroller were a waste of my money in the end. Made my life a bit easier, it’s true, as a new mom you don’t have everything figured out, but not for the long run.

Well, nothing I ever bought was more worth it than my baby monitor. So here are the reasons why you should get a baby monitor, as a new parent, and even for your second, third, and so on, baby.


After the period of “waking at every sound or move” passes, you will need something that will get your baby’s cries right in your ear. Well not too close, but you get the gist. I can tell you I slept much more comfortable and relaxed, after I felt I can leave my baby sleep alone, of course, because I co-slept until then. But it was nice to know I will just hear him calling me, or asking for water, or something, and I would be right up with him in no time. Our rooms are separated by a thin wall, but I still couldn’t trust my deep sleep, from being too tired, to know when he needed me. It’s a life saver, I tell ya!

For naps

His naps, if you are not going to nap with him, are better to deal with. You can get some work done, noise or no noise, TV on or not, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your baby, or an ear. When my baby monitor broke, from too many drops, when he was 2, I listened at the door for noises until the one I ordered came. I couldn’t do dishes because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hear him, or anything that involved noise. So I just sat there, with the door open, on the internet until he got up and called for me. We even took it on our holidays, so we could enjoy a cocktail outside while he napped. We would’ve not been able to do much during that time, otherwise.

Play time

There will be times when he’ll play better alone than with you, and you can cook or do laundry. You keep your part of the baby monitor with you and post the other so you can see what he is doing, of course most video baby monitors can be tilted or change the angle any time you want. He’ll probably be in his play pen the entire time, “talking” to his favorite toy. I don’t recommend a baby monitor without a video for this as he can do stuff, like climbing the gate for the first time, and you won’t have a clue from the noise he’s making. Also some come with an answering feature, so you can talk to your kid when he needs his mommy right away and you still have a few seconds of turning off the burners or oven and run to him. If you want to find out more about types and features, Baby Monitor Central is a great website with great info on this matter.

Baby sitting

It’s not that you don’t trust the baby sitter, it could be your own mother, or sister, or someone you will trust with your own life. Some video monitors come with recordings and also covering wide ranges. So you might be able to see your kid live or see how he behaved while you were not there. If you don’t have a baby yet, and you think you will not be the overprotective kind, just a piece of advice, buy one after you give birth, because you won’t know what kind of parent you’ll become, I had no idea until I held mine for the first time.

So these are the reasons you should get a baby monitor, for your benefits and for your baby’s as well. Make sure it has all the features you need, don’t go all “I can deal without night vision”, or “without room temperature display”, when you are searching for one, you will congratulate yourself when you’ll see how useful those things are, and choose something with good reviews. It’s worth it because you will need it many years after, not just a few months, and you need something that will survive that long, unless you drop it a lot, then it’s not the monitor’s fault.

What do you think about owning a baby monitor? Am I right to say it’s the one thing you can’t go without when a baby comes? At least in our household it was a life saver.

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