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The Mother-in-law Stress Factor

I know how important stress is to a pregnancy and I was having doubts about a future baby because of my mother-in-law. She has thyroid problems and sometimes we have huge fights over things that don’t make any sense. And is very hard for me to keep calm and don’t fight back because I don’t want to be like her. Words can hurt and I don’t want to say something I’ll regret later, because we live in the same house and it will be more difficult to see each other from that point.

So she is illogical, I can’t say anything to her and the stress is building inside. I am afraid because there are times when I burst into tears and walk away from her and can’t keep myself together, and if NOW I can’t handle her, how it will be when my hormones will be through the sky and she will be nagging on my head all day?

So I have a strategy. I was thinking I can pretend sick all the time and eat in my room, not with her and the grandmother, like we use to, and if she starts to say something nasty I will walk away excusing myself to the bathroom, you know, bladder problems.

She was the most stressful factor at and before our wedding and she always had something bad to say about anything, like: Why do you need a photographer, everybody has their own camera now and you can take the pictures they are making, don’t waste your money, no one will even watch the photos. Or why do you want a video too, no one will watch that either. Or why do you need decorations on your seats and tablecloths and flowers on the tables, the restaurant is pretty enough. Or why do you need a cake no one stays till the end. Or why do you need a figurine on the cake, no one will notice.

Why do you need DJs when you can put some music from your laptop, you have plenty of songs. Please hurry up with the first course, I can’t wait till 8 o’clock, when people arrive, I haven’t eaten all day, I wanted to save myself. And so on, and so on. Tell me I’m crazy and I’ll leave the poor lady alone.

I hope I’ll be able to ignore her and keep myself away from her evilness and her desire to find bad things in everything, so me and the baby will be ok till the end. I will surround myself with good people, beautiful things and positive energy and it will have a greater impact on the pregnancy than her irritating personality. Wish me luck!

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