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Telling Your Family You’re Pregnant

Telling your family you’re pregnant should be fun. The day we found out I’m pregnant we figured that we have to tell my mother-in-law that we will, from now on, be careful about the cats and we will bring our own tablecloth when we eat with them so that we avoid the ones that she keeps in the bathroom next to the place the cats eat. But before telling her that, I wanted to tell my mom first.

So I gave her a call in the morning, asked her what was she doing, she went on about some plans she had for that day, and finally I saw a brake and took it. I asked her if she had some beads the size of a pea cuz I wanted her to send me some. She works in the confection area so it was a normal request. She said she thought she had but didn’t know for sure. I asked her to check and she got angry she said her food is getting cold and that she will check later. I said she will be sorry for raising her voice, and she immediately apologize even she didn’t know what I was talking about. Then I said, I needed a bead because that’s the size of her grandson in this very moment.

– What? What do you mean? she said.
– I said your grandson is the size of a pea.
– Wow, are you serious? That is so wonderful, I’m so happy, I don’t know what to say, congratulations! But why do you need me to send you my beads?

After a minute I stopped laughing and told her it was just a pretext to show her the real size. She wished us all there is to wish and I made her very happy, told her about this blog witch she can not read because doesn’t know English, and I remembered her food was getting cold and we said goodbyes.

Telling my mother-in-law was more pleasant than I expected. My husband started with some good news about his business and then he asked her if she wants more good news or should we wait for tomorrow so that both days will have something good. We told her anyway and she congratulated us, but apologized that she can’t kiss me cuz she tasted the food she was making and said it will be sticky. I didn’t expect a kiss from her anyway she is a little reticent when it comes to touching other people, or hugging, or kissing. But it went well and I felt good about telling her, she even asked us some questions about doctors and stuff and she reacted very well at the news that we will avoid using her tablecloth.

I’m planing to tell my brother about this on his name day. Saint Andrei is tomorrow and we always tell him Happy Nameday even if his name is Adrian. Instead of wishing him Happy Nameday I will say congratulation for being an uncle.

And that is it, I don’t want to tell my friends or anyone else yet, I want to wait till I’m 12 weeks pregnant at least. We want to be sure everything is ok.

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