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Sport and Weight Before Pregnancy

I was kind of an athletic in high school. I enjoyed every gym class I took, played all sports I could and had straight As. I learned some Karate and went rowing for a couple of years. I even gained a bronze medal at Junior National Championships. But after high school I laid low, I was lazy to do any sport by my self but didn’t backed down if someone offered some basketball game or swimming or running.

Now on the other hand, I am so tired after work, I just want to relax, watch a movie or stay on internet. I always say to myself  “I should do some exercise” but never do because I’m too lazy tired. I want to have more energy and to do more stuff but I never do.

The fact is that I’m slim even without sport, I know is healthier and good for body and soul, but the fact that I don’t need to loose weight doesn’t motivate me to do sport. I’m 1,75 m and 58 kg, I eat as much as I want but lately I try to avoid chips, fast-food, sweets, soda and I eat cooked meals, but I don’t eat as much fruits as I would want to. I love fruit juice, from the market, but that’s not the same.

I am a little paranoid about weight but I’m too lazy to do anything. When I go over 60 kg I get a little scared that my young days are gone and I’m starting to get fat, so I cut some bad food from my usual diet, but that’s it. My husband wants to lose some weight but he’s not on any diet, only healthy and less food, no fast-food, no chips and less sweets, so I’m just following his lead.

I would not say no to any dancing night, I love dancing, I would like to take some lessons too, but I mostly dance at parties and I do it quite well, and that is exercises, right? So I will put myself some music from now on, at least it will get me in a happier mood, and maybe I will dance alone in the house sometimes. (Suuure I will)

I also take loooong strolls with my husband around town. We walk for one hour or more, fast walking, not slow walking, and is relaxing and active. Seeing as you are not allowed to do difficult sports during pregnancy I think walking is the way I’ll choose for my exercise. I would also like to try Yoga, is that a sport? However, I don’t think we have Yoga instructors in this town, so I will try to learn some exercises from internet. It shouldn’t be so hard, right?

If you have some pointers on any other casual exercises, I wanna know!

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