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Smoking, Coffee and Alcohol in Pregnancy

I was a smoker for 3 years and quit for 4 years. I am against smoking during pregnancy, also I am prepared to avoid bar without good ventilation, after I get pregnant, because I don’t want to inhale someone else smoke either. I will not allow friends to smoke near me or in my house like I used before. I will be very strict about this because I have to be responsible for the baby’s healthy environment.

I am against coffee during pregnancy also, I heard it is bad, I know some will say is not THAT bad, but a little bad for me is enough to not take any risk. Luckily I don’t drink plain coffee, I only drink a cappuccino from time to time and I can easily give it up. I was wondering if decaf cappuccino has some negative effects so I started research.

I was fond of chicory instant coffee, that only tastes as coffee but is like a decaf, and I liked making cappuccino from this, but now I read that is very bad for pregnancy and it can be found in other coffee products too and has bad side effects. They also say that decaf coffee is not that safe either, even that regular coffee is better when you only drink a little cup a day, but then again, I don’t want to risk anything, so no more coffee or decaf for me after I get pregnant.

No more alcohol! I should stop to that sentence but I read some stuff about some doctors who again say a glass of red wine from time to time is not THAT bad. So why would they say that? Why would they offer the option of not being 100% safe and not drink alcohol? They also say that the wine has some positive effects on the body, so what? You can eat an apple and it will probably be the same thing. All I’m saying is that you can find some replacements, for the good nutrition you can get from the wine, in some aliments that don’t contain alcohol. Is not worth it, really!

They also say you should avoid drinking IF you wanna get pregnant, but that I didn’t wanted to do yet. I’m a social drinker and I know my limits, if I get dizzy I order a bottle of water, and I like red wine very much, but also beer and some strong alcohol too. I am determined to quit my social drinking too, but if I lust for some wine my husband is drinking I will get a sip, like putting my lips to the rim just to have a little taste of it. I will never get more than that, because I will have a bad opinion about myself if I can’t resist only 9 months without alcohol when I have the rest of my life to drink whatever I want, except when I breastfeed.

I make all this plans about what I should do, what I don’t want to do anymore and I’m so curious if I will keep the plans after I get pregnant. I am determined to do them now, but who knows what I will be like then.

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