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Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

We announced our big news on Valentine’s Day with this photo of my belly and my husbands belly. It was a busy day, with lots of people congratulating us and it was a good start for such a beautiful day. Till launch time came and my mother in law started a fight again. This time I told her that if she keeps on stressing me like this I will lose the baby.

She was completely insane and acting like no mother should act with her son and pregnant daughter in law, and I got very stressed because my husband didn’t want to ignore her behavior and still tried to explain why she was acting crazy again. But when he saw me crying and pulling his sleeve to go upstairs, he let go and came with me.

We needed a few minutes to calm down, think about the baby, but it was hard to stop crying. In the end I needed to start some cookies plans I had for Valentines, to make something sweet for my husband, and I avoided doing it in the kitchen, where she was, I put everything I needed in a room, that was a bit cold, but with my husband’s company I had everything I could want, right next to me.


After the announcement, we posted the photo above, some friends wanted to see my belly and came over. They are much younger than me and they are pretty excited about my baby too, probably because it’s their first pregnant friend they have. They were very funny, kept answering their phones with “I’m at Alina’s and she is pregnant”, and the person on the other line didn’t know me for sure but they congratulated me still.

My other friend told his parents and they were concerned about my age thinking I was in high school like their son. My friends asked a lot of questions about my belly, the baby, and they were super excited when they saw the ultrasound.

One of my husbands best friends asked him, when he saw the announcement: “Did YOU wished for this to happen?” and only after he replied he congratulated him. It was so funny, I expected something like this from him so it wasn’t a surprise, but still funny. Like I forced my husband into having unprotected intercourse, or I manipulated him into having a baby. SO funny!

After that we got dressed to go out for diner to celebrate my no-more-a-secret pregnancy and Valentine’s Day. I had no reason to hide my belly from now on and I felt relaxed. The pizza we ordered wasn’t that good but the company was, so the night ended well.

No other symptoms to my pregnancy other than back pain, fatigue and frequent walks to the bathroom. Some arrhythmia from time to time, but according to the cardiologist is very common in pregnancy, of course she didn’t explain why I had it before getting pregnant too, and if they are not showing on the 10 seconds EKG we should not be worried.

I’m staying positive no matter what so that I would not worry and it will not cause more stress.

Today I have a check-up and an ultrasound, and my husband is coming to see the bump for the first time.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight sixteenth week: 60,4 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust sixteenth week: 93 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist sixteenth week: 80 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips sixteenth week: 92 cm

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