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Pregnancy View

Pregnancy View

This is what I see from my side. I have to admit this is a full belly after dinner and night snacks, but I like seeing it like this. It feels pregnant cuz I’m skinny, but it feels more than 18 weeks so it’s pretty to look at from upstairs. I know I gained some pounds that surrounds my pregnant belly, but the fact that I don’t see them from my pregnancy view it makes me happy, oblivious, but happy nevertheless.

My husband tells me I look like a Somali kid, but as long as I’m not starving and I’m eating even when I’m already full, it’s ok.

Yesterday I ate a pork schnitzel, made like a shaorma, with french fries, coleslaw, ketch-up and mayo and a thin pita (I apologize to the craving pregnant girls out there), I loved it so much cuz it didn’t taste like meat at all. Not even when I fried it. And yesterday my husband made some chilli con carne for today’s lunch, I tasted a bit and I couldn’t feel anything wrong with the beef, so I’m hopeful that with the rice I will make today it will go smoothly. I’m kinda scared of the red beans in it, hope my husband will prove to be a strong man and not leave me after tomorrow.

I find it harder and harder to dress myself, more so to put socks and shoes on, I can’t wait for the summer to come when all will be so easy. Baby moves every day for the last week and especially when I stay with my legs crossed, and when he kicks me it reminds me no not stay like that so that I will not squeeze him. I don’t know if it counts but I try not to even if I feel him often with my legs crossed. Even my husband could feel the baby kicking yesterday and the feeling made him giggling.

I can’t wait for the weekend to come so that we will get some time for us, without my mother in law, and can’t wait for the March 25th to come so that we will find out the gender for sure and how is our little healthy baby doing.

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