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Pills and Vitamins in Pregnancy

I found a list of vitamins they recommend during pregnancy and some remedies that don’t harm the baby.

Good Vitamins are: Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, but not too much, not more than 3000 mcg per day, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, and Zinc. Usually this are all in the same pill in prenatal vitamins and you just have to take what the doctor prescribes you.

They say we should stay away from all pills in general, that is more safe this way, only take if really really necessary and only what your doctor prescribes you. If your doctor can’t help you with some tooth pain or head ache, I found some natural remedies that don’t affect the baby.

Head ache

We have some Chinese cream in a very small box that helps you if you massage your forehead with it. You can use it if you have a stuffy nose too, just sniff it a little cuz is minty.

Tooth ache

If you have a swollen tooth you can use some garlic, don’t eat it just crush it a little and keep it there. It is considered to be an natural antibiotic. You can use this if you have a swollen throat too.

For a cold

You can only treat the symptoms of a cold with lots of chamomile tea, vitamin C, maybe from a lemon you put in the tea and you can also eat some chicken soup. If you have a fever you can cool it down with some cold compresses and some alcohol massage on the back and feet. Stay in bed and try to sweat as much as possible, than change your clothes and open some window for fresh air, but don’t get to much if it’s cold air.


It’s a very common issue during pregnancy and is often treated with pills that prevent vomiting, like Metoclopramide, but only if the doctor gives his ok, and the nausea threatens to affect the pregnancy or the discomfort is too much to handle.

Bloating and stomach-burn

You can ameliorate all this with charcoal, some homeopath medicine or some adequate diet. St. John’s Wort tea helps with gastric pain and also mint, sage and chamomile teas.


This is a frequent problem for pregnant women because of the change in your eating habits. It can be fixed if you balance your diet adding some fibers to your meals and if you drink the right amount of liquids, specially plain water. You can try some exercises from time to time it could start your assimilation process faster. But if this does not help, you could use some glycerin suppositories, but not to often.


This can appear from time to time due to your diet and it is not considered a problem only if it persist for more days in a row. But if it bothers you and the doctor doesn’t think is a problem that needs to be fixed in a hospital you can try some boiled rice, bananas or mint tea.

Swollen feet

You can easily prevent this by not standing to much on your feet, but do not sit too long either. You can go for a walk to put your blood in motion and your heart, so that the fluids in your body wont end up in your feet. You can avoid too salty food so that the body wont hold on the water. If your feet hurt try to lift them up a bit, they will get better.

Breast pain

Is an easy way to deal with this kind of pain. You can use warm herbal compresses on your breast to soften the pain. It helps with the tension and improves the circulation. Just remember is better to do 5 minutes compresses, 6-7 times a day than just one for 30 minutes.

Yesterday I finished with the dentist. Hopefully no more tooth ache from now on. I am determined to stay away from too hard and too sweet candies so that I wont risk any teeth damage.

This will be useful for me too in a couple of months in case my plan is successful and I get pregnant. I will talk about every step I take and the way that I take it.

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