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Ovulation Calendar

My ovulation is starting on 7th November and ends on 12th. I already started some changes in my life, I stopped drinking when I went out, which was surprising for me too, and I started to take some minerals to strengthen my body. I also want to go for some more tests with some problems I had in the past, even if my last results were ok, I want to be sure.

The method I use was the one of the calendar and I had a little help from the internet. As I don’t have a regular menstrual cycle it is hard to set an exact date for my ovulation but I tried many calculators and most said the same thing. If you don’t have a 20 days cycle or a 35 days cycle you can find the approximation of your ovulation with any calculator.

You can also try the calculator on this blogs side bar on your right. You just enter your last period and the number of days of your cycle and you will find out your next ovulation. It can be useful if you DON’T want to get pregnant, but I say is better to use protection for that.

There are some other methods, like the body temperature when your body ovulates but to have an exact date of your ovulation you need to keep a diary of your temperature for more then 3 months. You are most fertile with 2 or 3 days before your temperature reaches the highest point. Some say that you can have 12 or 24 hours more after you observe the increasing in your temperature.

You can also use medical tests that can be found in pharmacy and are easy to read. I will stop here with the methods because the other ones are messy and rely on the cervical mucus and your cervix position which you’ll have to check for yourself.

We will find around the end of November if the calculations where accurate if nothing else stayed in my way of conceiving, like stress, or some other causes. Wish me luck!

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