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Nine Weeks Pregnant

Nine Weeks Pregnant1

My second visit to the doctor was more relaxing. I didn’t forget my test and documents at home this time. My husband stayed with me even if we had to pay for another train ticket because mine expired. I managed to ask some questions, but not everything from my list.

She explained me what do I have to do to take the bitest, indicators for Down syndrome and other problems that can occur during pregnancy. Which means I have to visit my mom on 25th January, again, for the results. I sure hope there will be some test I can do here, in my town, or else this baby is turning to be very expensive and I am reluctant to think to make him/her a brother or a sister.

I also got to hear its heartbeats again, which sounded nice, and my husband was more happy with this set of pictures cuz the first ultrasound wasn’t that obvious. My baby measures now 2,77 cm. So my holidays ended up well.

Nine Weeks Pregnant2

My doctor asked me if I’m planing to get any fatter cuz she saw how skinny I am, but I told her at the moment the nausea is not letting me crave for anything so I lost one kilo already. She instructed me to keep taking the vitamins and progesterone pills to further notice.

My husband says our baby has my big head cuz its head is the size of its body. And no, that is not the reason I don’t show all my head in my personal picture, I do not really have a big head, I have curly hair and it appears to be large, that’s all.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight ninth week: 59.3 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust ninth week: 90 cm (my husband is expecting more)

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist ninth week: 74 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips ninth week: 92 cm


  • I just love it that he or she finally starts to look like a human being. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks sweety! He/she’s not a little worm anymore, huh?

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