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Nausea and Cravings in Pregnancy

We all expect to be nauseated when we get pregnant, we also expect to have some cravings, but what I didn’t expect was to be so nauseated that I can’t even think of putting food in my mouth and also be salivating at the food on the table at the same time. I don’t know how that works, what am I suppose to listen to? Can eat it and risk vomiting a little later? Or should I try something that will be easier for my stomach to process?

This days I’m not in the mood for meat. Is like I had enough and I sense I need vegetables. I ate tomato and onion salad with a boiled egg and a noodles chicken soup yesterday and it was a refreshing meal. But because it is winter, fresh vegetables are not that common on the market anymore, this season vegetable is meat so it will be hard for me to avoid meat forever. I discovered that any kind of meat goes down easier with a garlic paste we use to make in our country so I will try more of that.

I don’t crave any food in particular, but the thing that I most want this days, just because we use to make it in the winter and I always like Christmas with this particular beverage, is hot red wine. We boil red wine, the redder the better, with a few spoons of sugar, a piece of cinnamon, 5 to 10 pieces of clover and a few slices of apple, which you can eat afterwards and they fill with sweet red wine. But as I said NO to ALL alcohol when I begun my journey is hard for me to pass the holidays and say no to that, but I will, is just gonna be hard.

Nausea makes me tired, is depressing and exhausting to fell sick all the time, and I’m trying to avoid it after launch with a 3 hours nap in the afternoon. When I woke up, everything seems to be good, for a half an hour or so and then we’re back to nausea, then dinner comes and after that nausea comes again.

I know peppermint tea helps with the nausea, but because I’m a little constipated I don’t think is such a good idea. I will save this for when the vomiting episodes start. I also heard something about ginger root tea that relieves nausea and doesn’t have the constipation factor, but they don’t have reliable information about using it on pregnant women. Maybe it is safe to use in small quantities so you would have to ask someone who really knows this stuff.

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