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Kidney Problems in Pregnancy

Kidney Problems in Pregnancy

On Monday, as I said, I called the doctors office in my town to make an appointment. She called me the moment she opened her office, around 2 o’clock, even if she had her scheduled patients at that hour.

When I entered my phone dropped on the floor and to pick it up took me a few minutes and she got to see first hand how bad it was for me. The pain in my sides was gone, for now, and I was left with only the ones under the belly, so I was hurting every time I bent. It also hurt if I need to go to the bathroom or when I go and do it, just under the belly.

She looked at my urine tests, she gave me a check-up inside to see if anything was sore down there, which it was but not that much to explain the pain. I asked her for an ultrasound of the baby, because I wanted to see if he was causing the pain if he stayed really low, which he didn’t, and I also wanted some pictures of him as last time the CD from the anatomy scan was unfortunately empty.

She gave me a treatment, which I was scared to follow, for kidney sand. No-spa and Scobutil injections for 3 days, in the morning and at night, and some antibiotics treatment for 7 days. And lots of water and rest till the pain is gone. So I called my usual doctor, the one from the big city, told her everything and about the treatment I received and she agreed with everything. And I didn’t listen, again, even if I know in the second trimester it’s safe to take antibiotics.

I went back to work the next day because I had no pain Monday night, nor I had in the middle of the night or in the morning when the alarm went off. But after a couple of hours of ups and downs on the stool at work to serve my clients the pain returned and I had to close early. I still didn’t want to do the treatment, I just hope drinking water and rest will help me eventually, but I see myself tomorrow going to do the injections at least because it’s getting painful everyday, and last night I couldn’t sleep to well because of the pain.

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