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I’m Pregnant

Congratulations to me! I’m pregnant. Today was supposed to be my first day of the menstruation but because I usually have some spotting right the day before and I had a feeling I was pregnant, I took the test today.

Then I dressed up, put a ribbon on my belly, took a bottle of champagne for kids, no alcohol just juice with lots of bubbles and showed him the test. He was so excited, he kissed me and he hugged me tight. He had happiness leaking from the tips of the ears, that’s how happy he was and I am too. I had no problem conceiving, I followed the rules, took the vitamins, done everything right and it happen.

I was a little worried about the home pregnancy test (or HPT) because the second line was not that clear. But I searched the internet and found out that is normal because the HCG is at a lower level at the moment, but it is present and you can consider yourself pregnant. If you see any traces of a line in the period specified on the test you are pregnant, if you see them after that period, usually after 10 minutes, and before that was nothing there, I’m sorry to tell you, you are not.

It’s no need for you to go take more tests, you can make the doctor appointment, he will tell you from that test alone that you are pregnant. It is best to wait two more weeks after the day your period was supposed to come, because you will be in your 6th week and that means you will hear the baby’s heart.

I can now schedule my appointments and continue to enjoy my last days without nausea and watch my eating and take my vitamins. I’m 4 weeks pregnant and I’m happy.
P.S: And that is really me and my test in the pictures.

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