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I’m Expecting App for Android

My husband did a sweet thing for me a few days ago. He installed on his android phone this application I’m Expecting. I started using it this days and it is great. You can see the evolution of your baby and compare it with other moms. You can keep track of your doctors appointments, weight and symptoms.

You can add the day of the conceiving and it will tell you what your symptoms can be during the week you are in. It tells you what is happening to your body, what diet you should follow and it sends you to all this useful sites that can help you understand better the state you are in.

You can ask question and it can help you get a proper answer from appropriate forums. There are other soon to be moms that you can interact and make friends with so that you will have someone who understands what you’re going through to talk too.

Or if you don’t want to interact and you simply have a question you can search for it in the forums. Last night I searched about pain during intercourse in the forums, if maybe someone else asked that question already, and someone did. It seams that it happens when you are ovulating so it explained a lot of pains all this years.

Then I searched if intercourse the day after the ovulation is still helping, and I found out that sperm stays alive 5 days in your body so for me from Nov 7 to Nov 11, excepting the 9th cuz we didn’t feel to good, I have all the sperm I need, if we want a break today, we can have it.

It also has a due date count down for the days till the birth, not the weeks, which seems a loooong way to go. I also didn’t know that I already am in the second week and I can have symptoms already, and the top 3 symptoms for other moms are bloating, fatigue and breast tenderness. I didn’t experienced the last one, but instead I felt the first two along with headache and dizziness.

It’s a very useful application and is fun and easy to use it.

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