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I Felt My Baby Move

I felt my baby move

I can’t describe the feeling when my baby moved, better than what it says on the internet, a “fluttering of wings” but very fast, very short and in the same place, it didn’t go anywhere else. Not like gas when you feel it in a place and next in another place, to far away apart to be the same “reason”.

Today I had the double test for Down syndrome and other problems, and the result was very good. The possibilities that my baby will get those problems are very low. I was very happy and I had a chance to see the baby bigger and moving when the doctor was trying to measure him. I saw the nose and his arms and legs. The doctor first said it could be a girl, and at the end said that it could be a boy, so maybe next time, when my husband comes with me, we will know for sure and we will have a better view.

I was filled with happiness and delight after the visit and every time I remembered that I saw my baby move I felt so accomplished.

The new baby’s info are: He/She measures 6,69 cm. I was 12 weeks and 4 days at the time of the consult and the baby was the size of a 13th weeks and 2 days pregnancy. They said is a little bigger than they expected, but I don’t know what that means. His/her nose is 3 mm and his/her heart beats at 158 beats per minute. Everything else is normal and good.

My doctor advised me to drink more water so that my blood pressure will go a little up cuz now is 10 with 6. She said we will meet again in march and that I have to do some ultrasound and a check up next month in my home town and this way I will have a chance to have some relationship with a doctor here too. I will also have to take some blood tests till I come back in march.

I am planning to tell the big news to the rest of my friends on 14th February. I already told the news to some important people in my life, not that the rest are not important, but I had feared if something had happen with my pregnancy it will be very hard for me to tell all the people I lost the baby, I just didn’t want to make it more hard for me to face them. Fortunately my baby is safe and sound and no sign of going anywhere so I can’t wait to tell everybody.

In a few days I enter the second trimester. Wish me luck!

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