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How Do Kids React to Pregnancy

kids and belly
I don’t know how is the best way to give the news to your child, if you have any, but I had encountered two adorable children and they reacted very funny.

My godmother has two kids. The girl is 7 and the boy almost 4. Their names are Ariana and Sebastian. When we first told them I was pregnant and that I have a little baby in my belly, the girl saw her mother touching my belly and she wanted to do it too. The boy saw his sister and followed her. I am pretty sure the mother felt some movement, but I don’t know about the kids because they said they did, but they didn’t hold their hands as long as you should to feel something and I didn’t felt anything in that short period of time.

They though is a perfect spot to play right next to me on the couch and Ariana kicked me with her elbow by accident. It didn’t hurt, but my godmother was upset that she wasn’t being careful with me and made her play somewhere else.

After a month we came to visit again. Actually we met in a mall and we did some shopping together. Both of the kids were happy to see me and the little boy, after greeting me, said in a tiny whisper that he will give birth when he grows up. Sebastian is a sweet boy who likes flowers and Tinkerbell and it was sweet of him to wish to be me, kind of.

Ariana heard him and laughing she said into my ear that boys can’t have babies and Sebastian was funny to say that. Later on I found out that she said to her mother that she is scared of having babies because she doesn’t want to be in pain. Maybe she took my lil’ ones kicking like something painful or maybe she heard us talking about when the baby comes, but we assured her the doctor puts you to sleep and when you wake up you’ll have a baby. She has plenty of time to find out the truth or maybe when her turn comes it will actually be like that.

After that she came very close to me, put her hand on my belly, I pretended I didn’t notice and continued eating my cake, and for a few good seconds she rubbed my belly in such a delicate way that amazed me. My godmother told me that when she was pregnant with her boy, Ariana avoided her and her belly at all cost. It’s weird she saw my pregnancy differently and it was very interesting to see her reactions, and her brother still thinks he will have a baby when he grows, which is cute.

I wonder what they will say when they’ll see me next time.

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