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Gender Announcement

We had an anatomy scan on Monday and we saw our healthy baby again. We found out the gender, heartbeat and the approximate weight.

So we are having a…..

Gender Announcement

The baby looks healthy, even if he was sleeping in that moment, but we had a clear view of his parts. He stood with his little hands in his head, covering his face with his tiny fists. He still measures ahead 5 days.

Heart beat:
150 beats per minute
Approx. weight: 497 grams (this represents a 22 weeks pregnancy)

If you see the previous post they say on the internet he should have 360 grams and 26,7 cm. I don’t know if he is longer now, cuz they didn’t do the length, but it’s a big boy. His father is so proud of him.

Unfortunately the doctors assistant made a mistake and gave us an empty CD. We hoped we could see our baby moving from home too and could show our families our little boy, but I don’t think I can recover that as I left the town already.

My doctor said the blood tests don’t show anything bad for now. I just have to drink more water and eat more iron rich foods so that I won’t become anemic and I should monitor my blood tension two times a day, in the morning and at nigh, till my next visit.

We are both thrilled that our baby is healthy and we can’t wait to meet him. My husband already thinks of making him a sister, but we will see how hard it will be for us with this little one and then decide.

Belly Face

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