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Funny Gross Story

Train Seats

The previous weekend I told you I took my husband to another city, to look for maternity jeans and some alone time. We got both and plenty of food after this well deserved brake, but we also got something else.

The train we got back came from the capital so it looked pretty full. We found our seats right in front of some older ladies and quickly sit down so that others would have the space to get to theirs. We passed an old man who was helped by someone and looked ill and fragile and when we sat down and smelled some urine in the air we assumed it was him.

It wasn’t long till I realized my pants were getting wet and when I touched my behind with my hand I discovered it was wet. The instinct pushed me to get my hand to my nose and check what the liquid was. Imagine my surprise when it smelled like pee.

I’ve gone hysteric, my husband too, he kept saying lets go, lets move, and I didn’t know where cuz I thought it was full. I ruined a magazine we bought to read thinking I will sit on it for the rest of the trip. But there were enough seats and we went there with our luggage so that I could find a spare jeans to change.

I found my hand sanitizer and rubbed it on my hands a couple of times. I went to the small stinky bathroom to change and unfortunately I had to take my panties off too but I had nothing to replace them with. Again rubbed the soap sanitizer on my behind and hands, had some difficulties putting pants on because of the train movement and kept bumping on the walls. Put the damaged underwear and jeans in a secured bag so that the smell will not get out.

I was so scared at first. I imagined some drunk guy had stayed in my place before me and he peed on himself and what if I get some urinary infection because my underwear got wet too. I was relived to find out, when my husband went to ask the ladies in front of us if they knew who stayed there before, and they said it was a mother with a little kid who peed on himself. Surely i could blame the mother for not putting a diaper on her baby, but incidents do happen, and kids are not that full of urinary infections as adults are, so I wasn’t scared anymore.

But boy I was pissed off! The two “nice” ladies standing in front of us knew what happen and they still didn’t warned me about the wet seat, my belly was full and pretty sure it spelled pregnant. They stayed quiet, ignorant and probably laughing so hard that I sat on a peed seat.

So we moved and forgot all about it, left the magazine on the seat, thinking the ladies will do the right thing the next time, but when we came for our stuff we found a boy in my husbands seat, probably without a ticket and he had all his stuff on my wet seat, jacket, food, bottle of juice, and he was reading THE magazine we left on the seat. We warned him about the wet seat and he sadly threw away his biscuits and moved all of his stuff away. The ladies were still in the train, didn’t get off earlier or something, they simply didn’t have the common sense to be polite and warn others.

I hate ignorant people!

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