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First Ultrasound

First Ultrasound

I came to Bucharest on Saturday, alone because I had the appointment yesterday and we decided I would remain here for the holidays and my husband will join me later. He couldn’t come with me because he can’t spent so much time away from his family because they need him.

I was not afraid of the doctors appointment, I was excited even, I was just afraid of the taxi ride, I didn’t know the area where the hospital is situated and didn’t know how much money it will take me for the ride. But I made it there in time, just 5 minutes earlier, and took a chair in the waiting room. I waited like a half an hour and realized I had forgotten my entire medical file at home. I was ready to go to the hospital an hour before my actual departing time, but emotions and stress made me forget my most valuable file at home.

So I waited there, trying to remember what tests I did and what I didn’t do, try to remember all the questions I wanted to ask her and I finally enter the cabinet. She greeted me with a smile, she asked about my age, about my last period to know how many weeks I have and, of course, about the test file, which I didn’t have. I tried to give her some tests I remembered but she writes me a blood test reference and she advise me to only take those that I didn’t took, of course.

She puts me on the examining table, takes a few samples for some tests I was sure I didn’t take, and gives me an internal ultrasound. She looks on the monitor, moves the stick inside me around a few times, and she turns on the sound a couple of times, the second time I heard it loud and clear “Bump….Bump….Bump….”, it sounds like 70 beats per minute and I panic. It should’ve sound like “BumpBumpBump”, 110 to 160 beats per minute to be a healthy baby, so my eyes start watering.

The doctor is not happy, I see she doesn’t like what she heard but she stays calm. She says she wants a pregnancy confirmation and a transvaginal ultrasound to be sure we can continue the pregnancy, cuz there is a risk that the heart will stop and she wants to make sure as soon as possible. She also gave me some pills prescription, vitamins, Folic Acid, something for spotting, because it didn’t stop from last Sunday, and No-spa, just in case I have any kind of pain I can take 1 to 4 capsules per day.

She gave me her business card which I lost cuz I couldn’t focus on anything else, I took the ultrasound picture with the little bump barely visible and left. It was good I had the agenda with me, I wrote everything she told me, when to come see her again, where, what to do next, when will I know everything is ok, and stuff. I went to the reception and try to get an appointment as soon as possible for that ultrasound and lucky me they had one opening at one o’clock and it was one o’clock.

I stayed in line though, cuz there were some other women there more pregnant than me. I gave my husband a call and told him everything, I wrote him a few messages cuz I didn’t like other people to hear that I was scared and sad and lost and all alone. I shared a few tears which drew attention, but I tried staying strong and said to myself if I’m positive my baby will be fine.

My husband made a quick researched on the internet, told me some women treated the slow pulse with pills, like magnesium and calcium and the pulse went up a little. But that meant that the baby could have some heart problems, treatable, but nevertheless. I was angry that I’ve done everything that I could to make my body healthy for the conceiving, then made sure I ate healthy and enough, and eat fruits and take vitamins, and this still could happen.

When the doctor called me in, my tears were gone and I was relieved that I didn’t had to wait that long to know. He quickly asked my name and get down to business. He put the ultrasound on my belly and in a couple of seconds I could hear loud and clear “BumpBumpBump”, 128 beats per minute. I was so happy and then more happy when he told me to look on my left and there, on a TV with a 65 cm diameter, I could se the little peanut. The doctor measured his head, body, everything and congratulated me.

I thanked God everything was fine and when I went to pay for everything I didn’t care how much it was, I was just glad it was over.

Today I’ve done the blood tests I was supposed to, and the result will come on January 7, 3 days later than my next doctors visit. Hope it will not be too late and that there will not be more surprises.

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