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Finding Out Gender

Finding out Gender

Monday I had my 16 week ultrasound. I had it in my town because it was just a check-up to see everything is ok. And it was, regular heart beats, surviving skills ready, putting finger in mouth after first trying in his/hers eye, swallowing amniotic fluid. Me and my husband were so thrilled seeing our baby moving and showing his/hers entire body.

At the end we examined for a while the private parts and apparently he’s a boy. I think we will be more sure after 20 weeks, but my husband was all happy about it, but he was also a little sad because he got used to the idea that a baby girl would be so cute. So now he thinks we should try to have a girl too, even if before he said he doesn’t want more than one baby cuz he would want to offer as much as he can to one, so that he would have plenty. Now he has second thoughts, he says is a big chance we will try again in a couple of years if we have the means necessary to raise two kids.

So I’m thrilled my baby is healthy and big. I don’t believe he’s a boy, yet. I’m waiting for the more advanced ultrasound. He is growing fast, big for 16 weeks, but he doesn’t stay still for a moment and he’s so cute. He has 5 fingers at each hand, and we also saw a cute butt and his perfectly shaped spine.

I’m beginning to gain some weight, like a couple of hundreds grams per day. I hope is not too much. I still can’t eat meat, but I like eating something sweet from time to time, sometimes the sweet thing can be an apple, but chocolate is good too. So according to some sayings that if you crave sweet things is a girl, and sour/salty is a boy, I also crave cheese, so I can’t say if it is true or not.

Some other myths about gender are:
– If you pour salt in a pregnant lady’s head, without her knowing, and she scratches her nose, the baby is a boy, if she takes her hand to her mouth it’s a girl.

– If you are pregnant and dream rats, you’ll have a boy, if you dream flowers, it’s a girl.

– If you have the pregnancy glow, you’ll have a girl, if you don’t have anything special, it’s a boy.

– If you put your wedding ring on a thread above your belly and the ring moves back and forward, it’s a girl, if it moves in a circle, it’s a boy.

– If the baby’s heart rate is under 150 it’s a boy, if it’s above, it’s a girl.

Is fun to play with this myths, but I don’t know about you, but I like knowing for sure. We’ll go in march for fetal morphology and we will found out so much more about our baby.


  • How exciting for you & your husband! We have our 18 week ultrasound on March 4th, hopefully we will find out the gender then. We have been hoping for a boy, but I find myself wanting a girl more and more as the days pass. I’m just ready to find out either way so I can give our child a name and stop referring to him/her as baby! Have you thought of names yet?

    • Yes, we thought of some names, but I’m still waiting for the final 20 weeks ultrasound to be sure it’s a boy. We don’t agree on many names, mainly because I don’t really like Romanian names, and he doesn’t come up with any. So it’s basically me telling him some names and he says he doesn’t like them cuz they are not Romanian. We have one that we agree on, is not Romanian but he likes it, but I will not say it yet so that it will be our decision and the friends that read this will not have to have an opinion that could change or thoughts. When we will agree on it we will share it with the world. Thanks for reading!

      P.S.: I secretly wished for a girl, I always thought girl’s outfits were more cute than the boy’s. And my husband also said that a girl would be cuter. But whatever it is, it’s a beautiful little thing and we will make him a sister if we need to 😛

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