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Expecting to See if I’m Expecting

I’m expecting to see if I’m expecting and it’s so hard. Friday I should get my period if the fertilization didn’t work, so till then I can’t even know if I’m pregnant or not. I’m monitoring my symptoms with that new app my husband got me, I’m Expecting app, and I don’t even know if I can be happy I get those symptoms or not. If my head hurts or my breast are tender I could see the pain, the discomfort in a good way.

The app is still so cool. It explains every week what my body is going trough and the stage my baby could be in. Now my baby could be the size of a poppy seed. Which is cool cuz I love poppy seeds.

We are planning to go to Bucharest for New Years and I was thinking of founding myself a gynecologist there who could help me give birth. I will not be able to visit her so often but maybe every two months will be ok. I could do blood tests here, or schedule my visits so that I can do all the tests the same day and my mom could pick them up. Hopefully she can help me on the phone if I need any advice.

But I still have to wait to see what the pregnancy test shows, then I would make my appointment. The time is passing so slow and it is so hard to wait not knowing.

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