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Eleven Weeks Pregnant

Eleven Weeks Pregnant

Instead of my nausea I still have this meat aversion which I try to pass by with making food that I crave to contain some meat or to put more sauce so that it won’t be so dry to eat.

I wasn’t able to gain any weight yet, I’m still losing some grams from time to time, but I’m not worried anymore. I still have time to gain and have all sorts of cravings.

I’m still in pain with some back ache, and I tried not to take any pills, not even the ones that are common and OK to take, like No-Spa, and I try going for a walk whenever I get the chance and sleep whenever I can. I also have some tooth ache and for that I’m avoiding sweets and too crunchy foods.

My husband is behaving like a real sweetheart. He made sure my work environment is not at 15 degrees Celsius anymore. He brought a heater and is up to 20 degrees now. He got real concerned when I came near him in bed and tried to get my feet warmer on his skin cuz I could get them to heat up on my on.

He’s not letting me carry anything, he’s amazed by the tiny human in my body (he stopped calling him/her a little worm) and he reads everything I give him on pregnancy, and more.

I went to my family doctor today to put me on the pregnant list and gave me a notebook with info and personal stuff to have whenever I go to a doctors appointment. She also recommended a cardiology appointment because of some unusual sounds she heard when she listened to my heart. I’m not that scared yet, I’m waiting for a real prognosis.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight eleventh week: 58.6 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust eleventh week: 91 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist eleventh week: 76 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips eleventh week: 91 cm

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