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Deciding On a Name

This process took us very long. Since I got pregnant I asked my husband to think of a name. He didn’t want to because he said he wanted to know what it is first so that it will be easy just to think of boys names and argue just on those than have to argue on girls names too.

I agreed with him because we had different things in mind. He liked more local names and I liked more international names. So we definitely were going to argue. The first name was easy to pick. He took a list to explain to some friends why aren’t we deciding now for names and he found one that he liked and I liked it too because was not an usual name for our country. We didn’t had in mind then that we will keep that name, but as the time passed and as we only agreed on one, we kind of get used to it and kept it for his first name.

It was a name that suited both of us, he wanted a short name that is hard to have a nickname, and I wanted something that didn’t sound too Romanian. One of the reasons I didn’t want a regular name is because the babies I know, and the little kids I heard about don’t have usual Romanian names anymore and to give my baby a name like that would not be unique like many would think, it would be old, like: “Oh, my fathers name is ….”

So after choosing the first name, we both agreed he has to have two. One of the reasons was because if he gets older and doesn’t like his first name, he can choose the other to introduce himself.

So a few weeks back we took a list with like 500 names on it, more Romanian names than others but some of them looked ok. We both put our likes on a piece of paper, without talking with each other and seeing each other’s names. When we finished the lists we compared results. Few of the names were on both lists, so we choose those, and some that at a second view looked fine to both of us.

Long story short, after giving them grades we remained with only 3 names, and agreed to let just the first and second place for debate. We said we will think in the next days about the two names and see which ones sticks, like the first name did. And after a week or so, it worked and we choose a name that none of us got issues with.

But, as you know, after what happen on Monday, we felt we needed something to protect our little guy from harm. We have a tradition that one of the names should be a Saint’s name, but we didn’t liked any of the names we looked at. If you remember I said we had another name a few weeks back that we liked and the coincidence happen that the name we left behind was a Saint’s name, more of an angel really, but had something that we were looking for protection.

So this is the story about choosing names, it’s not easy, it’s not something you should do lightly, is hard because your baby will be stuck with it his whole life.

The other name we had for his middle name, was Oliver, but we had to change it as it wasn’t something biblical.

So his name is…… (drums beat in background)
Name me what


Eric Rafael (Ciabai)

P.S.: Rafael is the Angel of health. It means “God is the healer of soul, mind and body.”

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