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Thirty Two Weeks Pregnant

Thirty Two Weeks Pregnant

Today I had my third trimester ultrasound appointment and everything looked fine from the waiting room, at least. Until we got in the doctors office. I laid down and baby made a big, huge, like never before, lump that felt very very tight inside and outside and pushing on my right side almost to the back with his head. The doctor measured his head, as he always does, and told his assistant the numbers, and it seemed he was not concerned about the lump. Then we, me and my husband, and the doctor of course, could see his little heart on the screen which seemed, even for some inexperienced parents to be, very slow. He then tried to move the baby with his Doppler device, tapping on top of my belly with it.

My husband took my hand in his and hold it tight, we could see that the baby situation didn’t change and we were afraid. I kept saying to myself that he was ok, because in the waiting room he was moving and kicking like he always does. I was trying to remember where are all my medical papers and stuff for the hospital. The doctor then asked who was my ob and they immediately called her in putting an accent on emergency.

Until my ob came, the doctor in charge said: “Please don’t be scared, I have to push on your belly for the baby’s sake.” And he started to push the big lump inside with force a few times, my belly hurt, but I didn’t care and he tried again with the Doppler. Then my ob came in and he told her that the baby’s heart beat is 56 beats per minute for about 5 minutes and she should take me and see if anything changes or if not she should think of an emergency C-section right away. The baby’s heart rate should be between 110 and 160, so you get the concern, right?

In my head I was feeling more secure with my ob there and I was thinking that is good that I have the contract I signed with the hospital for giving birth with me, and if the emergency C-section is included in it. I was trying to think positive and believe that my baby will be fine, once he was out, but if he could not change position really soon my belly would not be safe for him anymore.

Staying positive so that I would not scare my husband, because I was thinking of him and his blood pressure problems too, and stay cool and collected so that I could take the right decision if I had to make any. All this time I could feel in my heart everything was going to be fine, and baby just has a bad day, which proved a little later on.

Then my ob took me to a room with 3 beds and 2 other pregnant ladies connected to heart rates monitors. I was put to one too, and also she made me stay on my left side, not on my back and push a button every time I felt movement, which was very soon. They put me on IV with vitamins and calcium and a nurse kept an eye on me and was very nice and comforting. We heard his fast heart rate very soon after I was connected to the machine and we both, me and my husband, relaxed and smiled to each other. I stayed with the IV and machine for about an hour, then the doctor that took my ultrasound came in and was not panicked anymore, but said that I have to come to see him Thursday, which seemed like an order more than a request. He looked very upset about the situation and he wanted to make sure everything else was ok because he didn’t had a chance to finish the examination and look anywhere else.

My ob got into surgery and had to wait 45 minutes for her, or more, and than she got to see my tests, agreed with me that I should repeat the ones I was sure they didn’t take them right, after explaining everything to me and making me a schedule for the next months appointments and heart beat monitoring and tests, she said she hoped the baby will stay inside till July 29th, when she wants to schedule my C-section.

So apparently baby moved on my vena cava, and couldn’t move from there because I was on my back and he was very contracted in my belly and it affected him until I changed my position and lay on my left side. I’m not allowed to stay on my back and I have to try and drink more water, but other than that all is fine. I’m just stressed every time baby tightens my belly like he did so many time before, but now the coincidence of him moving like that and his heart rate dropping so low because he sat on the vena cava makes me worry about every time he does that, which is a few times a day.

When we arrived home I struggled to hear his heart beat with a stethoscope, got very worried for 10-15 minutes and after a few tries and my husband assuring me he can hear it with his ear, I succeeded and relaxed a bit.

It was a stressful day, we had our share of scary stuff happening, and we realized how much we love this baby and what I would give for the baby to be safe for ever. We also decided that the middle name should be something more that what it was, we looked for names of saints so that our baby could be protected, this is a tradition in our country, but decided to go with the name that was second on our list and has something to do with God, but doesn’t have a big day of celebration in our Orthodox calendar, which is alright anyway.

I’m now glad we didn’t announce the name to many because now we would have to change it.

We also have a CD but is troubling to watch as you can see his little heart beat so weak and slow and you can also see when the doctor agitated the Doppler on my belly. I don’t think I want to watch that too soon.

Symptoms: Acid reflux, backache, head ache, gas, which I forgot to put it in the months that passed maybe because I got used to it, but it’s there, even if it’s gross and shameful, it’s a part of pregnancy that no one tells you about. I still have a small bladder that my baby likes to kick, but other than that, and the event we had today, nothing else happen.

New measurements:
Baby weight: 1702 grams (ours measured 1965 grams)
Baby head to toe: 42.4 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 72.4 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 98 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 94 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 97 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 105 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 104 cm

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Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

I started working with my husband for a couple of weeks and its more time consuming than what I did before. But I manage to do all that is needed to be done, like making lunch for both, washing and cleaning, but I’m starting to worry about how I will not have time to do any of this after baby is born, for the first few months at least, because I will be tired and cranky most likely.

I’m worried about what I will eat, and who will cook and clean, or at least do the laundry, because I don’t see my mother in low helping with anything. A few days back she washed a t-shirt my husband wore to paint the room we recently made and he tried wearing the same t-shirt also when he did the baby’s room, and when he wanted to wipe his sweat with the sleeve his face was full of cat hair. Which I don’t want on my baby’s clothes or mine, or my husbands, so she can’t help there.

I thought about buying another washing machine, just a little one, for the baby, but we don’t have room and is too expensive. So I guess I will wash them by hand, as the washing machine is still downstairs, in their bathroom and cats are eating food directly on the washing machine. I once saw fish skin, oily and smelly on the washing machine and the cats didn’t even eat it. It disappeared, eaten or taken, a few hours later, but the smell and the oils where still there, next to an open cat food can and more cat food in trays.

Then is the food issue. I will need to be eating proper meals as I want to breastfeed and it will be hard to eat what she is making because I never did like her cooking, she puts too many spices and too little salt. And I could not ask her to make something for us, because she already has to cook special diet for her, another no salt no fat meals for grandma, and it will be cruel to ask her to cook normal, salty and after my recipe meals for me and my husband.

And about cleaning, is hard enough for her to clean her room because of her eyes problem, I HOPE, because she says something is clean when it’s not, and to ask her to do our cleaning it will be useless AND stressful, because even if she will not be doing a good job she will still complain that she did so much and she will be tired to do stuff that WE will probably end up doing instead of her.

On another subject, we managed to paint the baby’s room. We just redid the white with antibacterial paint and we will be cleaning the room today. We called a girl to do the hard job like rubbing and polishing all the paint drops and dust we made. And after she is done we will probably do it again more thorough, because is the baby’s room and we need to be sure everything is good.

And it will be perfect if not for my mother in law old furniture set, which is heavy, and old, and broken, and the wood is chipped in some places, and not all the doors stay perfectly closed, and she has her (dusty) crystal glasses set in the glass cabinet, and plates set for special occasions which we don’t use, and lots of clothes, but the clothes don’t bother me as much as the old and full of dust and bacterial furniture which she constantly reminds us that she bought with her first salary 25 and more years ago.

I just have to wait for my son to grow and smash by accident some things that are not to valuable, to show her she has to put them in a safe place. Because that is what you do with things that you don’t use but are fond off, you put them in safe cases that can hold them safe and dust free.

Then I will probably spill everything I can on the furniture so that I can tell her I’m sorry and I will have to buy her another set. Because that is what we really want, spend our money, not hers, on something new and baby friendly, but she refuses because is HER first furniture she ever bought.

I will probably not be doing all the mean things I said, but it’s more relaxing to say I will and to think them than to think I am doomed.

Symptoms: Baby is putting pressure on my belly sometimes but is manageable, no more cravings, but I still will never refuse a pizza, a few back aches, but less than the weeks before, acid reflux and the bathroom trips.
I still feel ok even if I am in the third trimester. Hopefully I will still feel like this later on.

New measurements:
Baby weight: 1005 grams (ours measured 950 grams at 25 weeks)
Baby head to toe: 37.6 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 69,1 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 98 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 91 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 97 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 103 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 100 cm

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Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant

The last week was tiring because all the preparations that needed to be done for Easter. Somehow I still managed to be left out with the food. After all the spring cleaning was done I only had Thursday night to color the eggs and Friday all day to make a cake that ended up something way different than what I was looking for.

Tort Paste

Then I made something that we traditionally make for Easter, that usually contains lamb meat but my husband likes it more if I use chicken liver and less greens. I can’t eat any because the liver contains too much Vitamin E, if I remember correctly.

Drob ficat pui

I thought I would eat another traditional meal, sarma, that my mother in law brag she would cook for us. She only made 8 little pieces that would only be enough for one meal, 4 each. I will starve or eat french fries the last two days of Easter.

So next year I will take all the week before Easter off so I would cook everything we need and want. I would probably have to do the same with the Christmas dinner as well and don’t rely on anyone else.
Sometimes I feel alone and sad when I know my mom would give an arm and a leg to help me whenever I needed but she is far and has to work and I don’t really want my mother in law and my mom together, too much stress for them both and for me. They get along better speaking only on phone I want to keep it like that.

Symptoms: Just baby stretching my belly in weird positions and some pizza cravings, but I feel I would want pizza even if I wasn’t pregnant, that would be my top choice whenever you ask me, but now I feel I have a reason to eat it every time I want it and say it’s the baby that wants some. I also have the same backaches and the usual trips to the bathroom, the acid reflux is still a pain in the throat, but nothing else I can think of.

New measurements:
Baby weight: 875 grams (ours measured 950 grams at 25 weeks)
Baby head to toe: 36.6 cm

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight nineteenth week: 69,2 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust nineteenth week: 97 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist nineteenth week: 89 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips nineteenth week: 96 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt nineteenth week: 103 cm

Bump before: 77 cm
Bump nineteenth week: 100 cm

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Kidney Problems in Pregnancy

Kidney Problems in Pregnancy

On Monday, as I said, I called the doctors office in my town to make an appointment. She called me the moment she opened her office, around 2 o’clock, even if she had her scheduled patients at that hour.

When I entered my phone dropped on the floor and to pick it up took me a few minutes and she got to see first hand how bad it was for me. The pain in my sides was gone, for now, and I was left with only the ones under the belly, so I was hurting every time I bent. It also hurt if I need to go to the bathroom or when I go and do it, just under the belly.

She looked at my urine tests, she gave me a check-up inside to see if anything was sore down there, which it was but not that much to explain the pain. I asked her for an ultrasound of the baby, because I wanted to see if he was causing the pain if he stayed really low, which he didn’t, and I also wanted some pictures of him as last time the CD from the anatomy scan was unfortunately empty.

She gave me a treatment, which I was scared to follow, for kidney sand. No-spa and Scobutil injections for 3 days, in the morning and at night, and some antibiotics treatment for 7 days. And lots of water and rest till the pain is gone. So I called my usual doctor, the one from the big city, told her everything and about the treatment I received and she agreed with everything. And I didn’t listen, again, even if I know in the second trimester it’s safe to take antibiotics.

I went back to work the next day because I had no pain Monday night, nor I had in the middle of the night or in the morning when the alarm went off. But after a couple of hours of ups and downs on the stool at work to serve my clients the pain returned and I had to close early. I still didn’t want to do the treatment, I just hope drinking water and rest will help me eventually, but I see myself tomorrow going to do the injections at least because it’s getting painful everyday, and last night I couldn’t sleep to well because of the pain.

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Busy and Pregnant

Busy and Pregnant

This week was a mess. It wasn’t a good week to be pregnant. I had my blood results on Monday and they looked ok, I will ask my doctor on Monday to be sure. But from Tuesday on we had a busy, hectic week. I had to put my file in order for the driving test. Wednesday I had to run from one place to another to pay some taxes for the file, to register our car and for other local taxes. Then I took my driver license file to make an appointment for the practical driving exam. Which I will have to take on April 22nd and I had time from that moment on to take the written examination, if not I could not take the practical exam then.

Thursday we had an appointment with the car for some tests and it was on the outskirts of town. My husband was very stressed of driving in the rain as it was very early in the morning, lots of traffic, and only the second time he got to start up the car and drive it. He is a beginner too so I had to come along for moral support. The way in was ok but when we came back there was no parking space for us anymore, none that he could get in without so much stress, anyway. So we had to look somewhere else and we found a place 10 minutes away of walking to our home.

Then we had some paperwork to do for the car again. But as we didn’t had all the information we needed from the car test station we just came back from, had to go there again. Fortunately we didn’t needed the car anymore so we took a taxi and came back with all the paperwork. We filled out a form that a nice man in an office gave us, took that form to the other end of the building for a lady in another office to register the files and put a stamp with a date on, and moved to the middle of the building at a long line to just leave that papers there so we could come back for them the other day.

So today we had to get up early again so that I could take the written exam which I had prepared myself for a long time now. I was so nervous I had a little panic attack. Not because I wasn’t prepared but because I had some stomach aches, from the emotions and I had to go to the bathroom. Baby was kicking every time I sat down and wasn’t helping with my problem. Finally when my number was called and I had to wait in another waiting area to enter the examination room, I had the guts to ask the nice lady to please let me to the toilet as I am pregnant and in very much need of one.

They gave me a key and told me they don’t know what’s inside of that toilet as they have to share it with other people. I couldn’t care less. I just needed a hole and a private space so no one could see me, but it was WAY worse than I expected as I saw my share of dirty, filthy bathrooms, but this was like the worse thing ever. I didn’t, however, had any problem to make my other problem disappear, but I will definitely remember that bathroom. Just imagine the flushing device broken and no cleaning lady for months, and some people with very bad stomach problems. I didn’t touched a thing, just the handle of the front door and the key, I can’t even remember if there was a sink or not, but the trash can was full and right in my face when I bent down to do my business, and I had to try really hard not to look into it.

I completed my exam without other incidents, with a score of 24 from 26 questions, and I only had to do 22 right to pass and we went to take the cars paperwork again. We found out the pollution tax is huge, WAY more than we expected, and we had to pay some other taxes for the registration file to be complete. Taxes that in order to be payed we had to take a taxi to another part of the town. When all was complete, after an hour or two, cuz we had to come back for other paperwork AGAIN, we got rid of the file and completed our task for the registration.

We will have the car numbers on Wednesday, just in time for when we come back from my home town as this weekend we will travel there because my anatomy scan appointment is on Monday. We hope we can get some relaxation, at least no more walking from one place to another with paperwork or files or taxes, I just had enough.

I am prepared for a redo week like this when we finish the buy of our country house. We will have to change the names on all the utilities contracts, but it will be in a smaller village so maybe we will not run as much. Hoping, of course, they don’t send us to our larger town to fill the paperwork.

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Stressful Environment in Pregnancy

Stress at the pregnant woman

As you know, my husband and I are living with my MIL and his grandma because grandma had suffered a stroke 3 years ago and they needed help and moral support. My MIL stays at home, she takes care of her mother, but before that she worked st the coffee shop they now left to me cuz she is busy with grandma.

Grandma is 84 years old, the stroke left some brain damage, and is hard for her to say words, even if she knows what she wants to say. She can go by herself at the bathroom, but difficult because she has some legs problems, and she can eat all by herself.

But this is not the stress part. My MIL has thyroid problems, she can’t put one and one together, she is illogical, gets paranoid and she gets mad and starts yelling for no reason which doesn’t help her blood pressure problems, and every time she has a fit, she yells that he should know she is sick and gets angry because of her thyroid and he shouldn’t get her more angry, so she knows she’s not being angry for a good reason, but she continues anyway. But my husband tries every time to reason with her, explain that we can’t stay quiet when she blames us for every single thing that goes wrong in this house, but she has also problems with listening, with waiting her turn to talk, so is chaos.

My husband had some blood pressure problems too and so when hell starts I try to keep him calm so that his blood pressure doesn’t get high. Yesterday, MIL and my husband had an argument, which ended when we left to our room (is a big house, we have our own floor, bathroom, but not a kitchen). The argument started again when we came down to eat dinner (we do this for his grandmas sake, she gets very sad if she doesn’t see her grandson and we can’t risk another stroke from her). The argument ended again when we left for our room again.

She then calls him to get down with the blood pressure device because they didn’t felt well. Again some argument started, and my husband told her something he bottled for some time. He told her she had been a good mother, but since she got sick he doesn’t recognize her anymore, and she should go to a doctor and get fixed (which we tried for the last 2 years to make her go and get treatment, and refuses) cuz she is making him crazy. And he only stays here because he is feeling pity for her and for grandma. She than started to do something with her chin, a weird motion like she was chewing something and he panicked and his blood pressure went up, and he felt his skull at the back of the head burning, he thought she was having a seizure or something.

He came and get me (I was on the toilet), I stayed just a few seconds with him and he told me to not panic (but I can stay very calm in stressful situations and think clear even if my heart beats 10 times as fast) he didn’t want to stress me or the baby, and he sent me to see if everything is ok down with the girls, he couldn’t go cuz he thought he couldn’t handle seeing something bad. I tried to calm the grandma cuz she wanted to get up and go to her daughter to see if she was ok. I quickly calmed the situation, made a joke to make grandma smile and see everything is ok. The daughter (my MIL) is sleeping with her so they are both in the same room.

My MIL didn’t want any pill to calm her down, but she sounded not that bad anymore, at least she was answering my questions. Before I came she didn’t speak, at all. I stayed a little longer (a minute or two) and hoped my husband was better upstairs too.

He then came to get me cuz he still had high blood pressure, 16 with something, and some chest pressure (I told him it can be from anxiety, breathing hard and fast can cause lungs getting tired, I tried to relax him). He still felt his skull burning and I stayed with him, massaging his chest and comforting him, putting his hand on my belly and told him to think of the baby that will be so bless to have him as a father, and it worked, he started smiling, caressing my belly, closing his eyes and thinking of our baby (it always helps me).

He was very stressed that he put me in a stressful situation, concerned about the baby, but he didn’t know what else to do. He started saying we should move out, that it doesn’t help the baby, and I said we should speak of this the next day so that now we can focus on relaxing.

Moving will mean, not owning our own house, paying rent and utilities at the same time with paying them at the current home, so that when we come back we don’t have to make other contracts, and it will be stressful, we will have money problems, and we expect a baby and we need to put money aside for the baby.

And I’m not saying that my MIL should help us more, or put some money aside, for her grandson/daughter, as my mother does, but at least she should make sure she has something nice to offer her grandson/daughter and don’t start fights without a reason (even if she had a reason she shouldn’t start a fight). My mother in law is a big spender and is always complaining about lack of money, although she should have plenty, she can’t put any aside, because she buys so much crap.

Another thing she does. If we see there are no eggs in the fridge we buy some, the next day she but HER own eggs. We don’t eat that many eggs but she does. If she has no eggs left she BORROWS an egg from us and she promises she will give it back. But if we previously TOOK (not borrowed) an egg from her she says she doesn’t have to give our egg back because now we are even.

And after all that, grandma said to him last night, with tearful eyes, with her own words, that she can’t live without him, and she need him here.

So, stressful environment or not, I’m going to protect myself, my bump and my husband and we will exit every fight she starts without saying anything. I think IGNORE button is the key.

P.s.: Today is the day we announce everyone else about my pretty baby. But about that, another time, so that it can be a happier note.

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First Ultrasound

First Ultrasound

I came to Bucharest on Saturday, alone because I had the appointment yesterday and we decided I would remain here for the holidays and my husband will join me later. He couldn’t come with me because he can’t spent so much time away from his family because they need him.

I was not afraid of the doctors appointment, I was excited even, I was just afraid of the taxi ride, I didn’t know the area where the hospital is situated and didn’t know how much money it will take me for the ride. But I made it there in time, just 5 minutes earlier, and took a chair in the waiting room. I waited like a half an hour and realized I had forgotten my entire medical file at home. I was ready to go to the hospital an hour before my actual departing time, but emotions and stress made me forget my most valuable file at home.

So I waited there, trying to remember what tests I did and what I didn’t do, try to remember all the questions I wanted to ask her and I finally enter the cabinet. She greeted me with a smile, she asked about my age, about my last period to know how many weeks I have and, of course, about the test file, which I didn’t have. I tried to give her some tests I remembered but she writes me a blood test reference and she advise me to only take those that I didn’t took, of course.

She puts me on the examining table, takes a few samples for some tests I was sure I didn’t take, and gives me an internal ultrasound. She looks on the monitor, moves the stick inside me around a few times, and she turns on the sound a couple of times, the second time I heard it loud and clear “Bump….Bump….Bump….”, it sounds like 70 beats per minute and I panic. It should’ve sound like “BumpBumpBump”, 110 to 160 beats per minute to be a healthy baby, so my eyes start watering.

The doctor is not happy, I see she doesn’t like what she heard but she stays calm. She says she wants a pregnancy confirmation and a transvaginal ultrasound to be sure we can continue the pregnancy, cuz there is a risk that the heart will stop and she wants to make sure as soon as possible. She also gave me some pills prescription, vitamins, Folic Acid, something for spotting, because it didn’t stop from last Sunday, and No-spa, just in case I have any kind of pain I can take 1 to 4 capsules per day.

She gave me her business card which I lost cuz I couldn’t focus on anything else, I took the ultrasound picture with the little bump barely visible and left. It was good I had the agenda with me, I wrote everything she told me, when to come see her again, where, what to do next, when will I know everything is ok, and stuff. I went to the reception and try to get an appointment as soon as possible for that ultrasound and lucky me they had one opening at one o’clock and it was one o’clock.

I stayed in line though, cuz there were some other women there more pregnant than me. I gave my husband a call and told him everything, I wrote him a few messages cuz I didn’t like other people to hear that I was scared and sad and lost and all alone. I shared a few tears which drew attention, but I tried staying strong and said to myself if I’m positive my baby will be fine.

My husband made a quick researched on the internet, told me some women treated the slow pulse with pills, like magnesium and calcium and the pulse went up a little. But that meant that the baby could have some heart problems, treatable, but nevertheless. I was angry that I’ve done everything that I could to make my body healthy for the conceiving, then made sure I ate healthy and enough, and eat fruits and take vitamins, and this still could happen.

When the doctor called me in, my tears were gone and I was relieved that I didn’t had to wait that long to know. He quickly asked my name and get down to business. He put the ultrasound on my belly and in a couple of seconds I could hear loud and clear “BumpBumpBump”, 128 beats per minute. I was so happy and then more happy when he told me to look on my left and there, on a TV with a 65 cm diameter, I could se the little peanut. The doctor measured his head, body, everything and congratulated me.

I thanked God everything was fine and when I went to pay for everything I didn’t care how much it was, I was just glad it was over.

Today I’ve done the blood tests I was supposed to, and the result will come on January 7, 3 days later than my next doctors visit. Hope it will not be too late and that there will not be more surprises.

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Nausea and Cravings in Pregnancy

We all expect to be nauseated when we get pregnant, we also expect to have some cravings, but what I didn’t expect was to be so nauseated that I can’t even think of putting food in my mouth and also be salivating at the food on the table at the same time. I don’t know how that works, what am I suppose to listen to? Can eat it and risk vomiting a little later? Or should I try something that will be easier for my stomach to process?

This days I’m not in the mood for meat. Is like I had enough and I sense I need vegetables. I ate tomato and onion salad with a boiled egg and a noodles chicken soup yesterday and it was a refreshing meal. But because it is winter, fresh vegetables are not that common on the market anymore, this season vegetable is meat so it will be hard for me to avoid meat forever. I discovered that any kind of meat goes down easier with a garlic paste we use to make in our country so I will try more of that.

I don’t crave any food in particular, but the thing that I most want this days, just because we use to make it in the winter and I always like Christmas with this particular beverage, is hot red wine. We boil red wine, the redder the better, with a few spoons of sugar, a piece of cinnamon, 5 to 10 pieces of clover and a few slices of apple, which you can eat afterwards and they fill with sweet red wine. But as I said NO to ALL alcohol when I begun my journey is hard for me to pass the holidays and say no to that, but I will, is just gonna be hard.

Nausea makes me tired, is depressing and exhausting to fell sick all the time, and I’m trying to avoid it after launch with a 3 hours nap in the afternoon. When I woke up, everything seems to be good, for a half an hour or so and then we’re back to nausea, then dinner comes and after that nausea comes again.

I know peppermint tea helps with the nausea, but because I’m a little constipated I don’t think is such a good idea. I will save this for when the vomiting episodes start. I also heard something about ginger root tea that relieves nausea and doesn’t have the constipation factor, but they don’t have reliable information about using it on pregnant women. Maybe it is safe to use in small quantities so you would have to ask someone who really knows this stuff.

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Constipation in Pregnancy

Constipation is a real pain in your behind if you are pregnant. I had diarrhea the last weekend and I managed to fix it with toasted bread, mint tea and bananas in just two days, one more day and I would’ve gotten to the doctor. Fixing this problem resulted in going back to the problem I had before diarrhea, which was constipation. So from Sunday I couldn’t go to the bathroom at all, this is my fifth day.

The first two days I was afraid of eating fruits and fibers as I didn’t want the diarrhea to return, I lost 1,5 kilos in the weekend and gained 2 back the first day of my recovery, but now I have to try harder, soon I will explode if not.

There is a type of yoghurt that contains fibers and fruits and helps a lot with it but I didn’t know I needed till last night when I realized four days past and nothing. I think I was more afraid of the diarrhea, cuz it kept me awake, I had stomachache in the middle of the night followed by bathroom trips.

But now I can’t tell you what do I hate more, being constipated, that means bloated, feeling heavy, nauseated because I feel full, in pain when gas tries to get out or when diarrhea hits and making me feeling nausea because of stomachache, sleepy because it wakes me in the middle of the night, cold because the bathroom is cold, but lighter because eventually there will be nothing else to get out. Sorry for too many details.

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Five Weeks Pregnant

At 5 weeks pregnant is not much to see but I will begin to take a picture of my belly every week so that I will see the rate at witch my belly grows. I will also have this weekly post with all my symptoms and everything I’m going trough.

Symptoms: I already started to feel nausea, and had some bloating issues accompanied by constipation, but as I was trying to resolve constipation, diarrhea hit me, like a truck hits a fly on the highway. I had severe stomach ache and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, several times, two nights in a row. I had some mint tea and bananas, but I’m not in the mood of eating this days because of my nausea. It was a pain to cook but luckily my husband helped and did a great job too. Unfortunately I can’t eat what I had in mind, I have to stick to the tea and toast.

My breast are tender and they grew from 87 cm circumference to 91 cm, my husband can’t stop smiling at them, but he’s sad he can’t play cuz they hurt. Sometimes is a moderate pain, sometimes sever, I always have to get a hold of them when I go down the stairs. Another of the symptoms is headache but that doesn’t bother me that much.

I tried sleeping on my left side the last few night, first try was a mess, my arms kept going numb and tingly and had to turn around because of the pain, and my right arm hurt all day that day, but the next day, don’t ask me why I was fine and didn’t had any trouble with the numbness all night. I think it was because I kept my arms straight not under me or my pillow and the pressure was not like the first time.

Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight at now: 58.0 kg (because of my diarrhea)
Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust measurements now: 90 cm
Waist before: 67 cm
Waist now: 71 cm (because of the bloating I suppose)
Hips before: 92 cm
Hips now: 92 cm