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Busy and Pregnant

Busy and Pregnant

This week was a mess. It wasn’t a good week to be pregnant. I had my blood results on Monday and they looked ok, I will ask my doctor on Monday to be sure. But from Tuesday on we had a busy, hectic week. I had to put my file in order for the driving test. Wednesday I had to run from one place to another to pay some taxes for the file, to register our car and for other local taxes. Then I took my driver license file to make an appointment for the practical driving exam. Which I will have to take on April 22nd and I had time from that moment on to take the written examination, if not I could not take the practical exam then.

Thursday we had an appointment with the car for some tests and it was on the outskirts of town. My husband was very stressed of driving in the rain as it was very early in the morning, lots of traffic, and only the second time he got to start up the car and drive it. He is a beginner too so I had to come along for moral support. The way in was ok but when we came back there was no parking space for us anymore, none that he could get in without so much stress, anyway. So we had to look somewhere else and we found a place 10 minutes away of walking to our home.

Then we had some paperwork to do for the car again. But as we didn’t had all the information we needed from the car test station we just came back from, had to go there again. Fortunately we didn’t needed the car anymore so we took a taxi and came back with all the paperwork. We filled out a form that a nice man in an office gave us, took that form to the other end of the building for a lady in another office to register the files and put a stamp with a date on, and moved to the middle of the building at a long line to just leave that papers there so we could come back for them the other day.

So today we had to get up early again so that I could take the written exam which I had prepared myself for a long time now. I was so nervous I had a little panic attack. Not because I wasn’t prepared but because I had some stomach aches, from the emotions and I had to go to the bathroom. Baby was kicking every time I sat down and wasn’t helping with my problem. Finally when my number was called and I had to wait in another waiting area to enter the examination room, I had the guts to ask the nice lady to please let me to the toilet as I am pregnant and in very much need of one.

They gave me a key and told me they don’t know what’s inside of that toilet as they have to share it with other people. I couldn’t care less. I just needed a hole and a private space so no one could see me, but it was WAY worse than I expected as I saw my share of dirty, filthy bathrooms, but this was like the worse thing ever. I didn’t, however, had any problem to make my other problem disappear, but I will definitely remember that bathroom. Just imagine the flushing device broken and no cleaning lady for months, and some people with very bad stomach problems. I didn’t touched a thing, just the handle of the front door and the key, I can’t even remember if there was a sink or not, but the trash can was full and right in my face when I bent down to do my business, and I had to try really hard not to look into it.

I completed my exam without other incidents, with a score of 24 from 26 questions, and I only had to do 22 right to pass and we went to take the cars paperwork again. We found out the pollution tax is huge, WAY more than we expected, and we had to pay some other taxes for the registration file to be complete. Taxes that in order to be payed we had to take a taxi to another part of the town. When all was complete, after an hour or two, cuz we had to come back for other paperwork AGAIN, we got rid of the file and completed our task for the registration.

We will have the car numbers on Wednesday, just in time for when we come back from my home town as this weekend we will travel there because my anatomy scan appointment is on Monday. We hope we can get some relaxation, at least no more walking from one place to another with paperwork or files or taxes, I just had enough.

I am prepared for a redo week like this when we finish the buy of our country house. We will have to change the names on all the utilities contracts, but it will be in a smaller village so maybe we will not run as much. Hoping, of course, they don’t send us to our larger town to fill the paperwork.

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  • Noi numai ce am terminat cu actele pentru casa la tara si mai mult ca sigur actele la curent si celelate le veti face in orasul de care apartine comuna/satul. Am trecut prin chestia cu masina anul trecut in vara si stiu ce zici. Bine, noi am folosit o firma de intermedieri, pt. ca luau doar 30 de lei comision si te scuteau de multe batai de cap. Daca aveti nevoie de un sfat legat de cumpararea casei la tara, oricand 😀 Spor la condus! Nici eu nu ma simt comfortabil inca la volan, dar merge… 😛

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