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Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Having a preemie gets you focused on one thing only, the fact that he has to gain the weight he was supposed to, no matter what. So when the neonatal doctors told us to supplement after breastfeeding we didn’t question that decision at all.

Eric is now 7 weeks old and I’m struggling to reduce his formula and increase his breastfeedings, which is taking so long and lots of effort from both of us.
Eric 1
I somehow got to 750 ml of formula supplements and now I managed to reduce that to 550 ml per day, in the last 11 days. This means I have to feed him more often, around 9 times a day, when before he reached 7 feedings, and smaller amounts, so that I should produce the rest. The process is slow so that we can monitor his weight every week and see that doesn’t affect his growing.

Some growth spurts are usual around this time, so taking down his supplements gets frustrating to see him hungry and unhappy. I am struggling, is not an easy job, but I’m doing my best. I don’t like when my husband gets ¬†frustrated because baby seems hungry and wants to give him more formula. I’m scared of the day I have to weigh him, because if he doesn’t get 200 grams in a week my husband will use it as an argument to make me give up the plan of more breastfeeding and less formula.¬†I read so much about breastfeeding, but nothing helps if my husband is not on my side. I wish I had his support and he would trust me with this and not make me feel like I’m starving my baby…

My mom gets me sad too when she is full of joy that my baby emptied a formula bottle, when I’m sulking that I wished he would’ve got enough breast milk and not eat the entire bottle. My husband seems against breastfeeding in public too, so when baby gets hungry, when we’re in the park, I can’t find the courage to put baby on my breast to at least sooth him till we get home, because my husband doesn’t support me, so I’m feeling that is something to be ashamed of.

My mom didn’t nurse me more than 1 and a half months, and I turned up just fine, but I wish to do this with all my heart and I am fighting everyday.

Nursing your newborn baby can be a challenge. You can fight your loved ones believes, or lack of support, you can fight your newborns fussiness when he doesn’t get breast milk as fast as formula from bottles, you can fight yourself trying to convince yourself baby gets enough food and you are not starving him, you can fight stress, you can fight growth spurts, you can fight strangers disapproving looks when you breastfeed in public, but in the end you have your baby’s best interest at heart, so is worth fighting for. Challenge accepted!

This a site where I found all my answers and helped me with reducing the formula the best way for my baby: Kellymom

You don’t have to enjoy breast feeding, that is not the point. And you are not the only one hating it, if you do, but if you think is worth the struggle and you can find the will to do it, just do it, if don’t that doesn’t mean your a bad mother. Every mother is the best mother a baby can have, no matter the decision you take or the path you find yourself that doesn’t include breastfeeding, you are the best thing your kid has. You can still bond when you feed him formula and you can still have skin on skin contact without breastfeeding. No one should judge you and no one knows how hard it is but yourself, is better for you to be happy because your kid will be happy too.

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