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Oct 14, 2014 - General    2 Comments

About Breastfeeding in Public


A few weeks back I found a collaboration contest that meant writing on a pretty big site about motherhood. So I took the chance and wrote an article that I hoped it would win me the spot. It didn’t! I felt pretty bummed about it! I was feeling kind of hopeful that I could earn some money on something I am passionate about. My article was about breastfeeding in public and my husband liked it and encouraged me, so the news that I didn’t get choose got me really down.

So my sweet husband, either to make me happy or because he really thought it was worth it, took my article and got it published here, on one of his blogs. So this made me happy and grateful and got my hopes up and my mood to write more grew.

That article was a more of a “Don’t be afraid to breastfeed in public! Just do it!”, so I’m gonna tell you here why I do it. Why I need to do it in order to get places with a happy baby. Of course I could give him cows milk by now, but could a cow’s milk EVER be better than human milk? Cow’s milk is made for calves, and formula is made in a laboratory, for tiny robots or moms that couldn’t breastfeed! But yeah, why should I give something so unnatural instead of feeding my baby directly from the source?

To give him other milk than my own it implies I need the milk to be warm, or at least not cold, so I have to heat it more so I can have it for later. But if he needs it right after we leave home, how can I settle a crying baby AND cool the milk enough that he can have it right away? So for our family is best this way. I make sure I have the right clothing, I pull my shirt, baby covers the rest. I do my errands and everyone is happy. He gets the most healthier snack, I get the freedom of moving places, the people around us are not getting stressed by a crying baby, it’s a win-win-win situation.

I don’t have many friends that encourage me to do this, not even his pediatrician, not just in public, but in general too, but my baby is the MOST encouraging person I need! So read the article I published for more reasons to do it and what do you think about it!