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Seventeen Weeks Pregnant

Seventeen Weeks Pregnant

I like my bump at seventeen weeks, it’s still comfy to sleep with. It’s hard to sleep on my left side because I keep waking up on my back, the pillow I’m using to keep me on my side is easily moved, so I don’t know what to do anymore. I tried different parts of the bed, three pillows, but I still wake sometimes on my back. I’m waiting for the summer when I can use my quilt for a support system on my back. I don’t want to sleep alone on a couch.

I finally have some food cravings, but my aversion to meat is making me nauseated sometimes. I can’t stand the smell of smoked meat and even the sight of chunks of meat on a plate. I watched Man vs. Food last night and I half salivated and half I had to focus on something else. So last night I ended up craving for pizza (I was making a plan to go made some myself), hot dogs with coleslaw, onions, ketch-up and mayonnaise (and I actually had some sausages in the fridge but the fact is I was more craving for the coleslaw, which I didn’t have), and hamburgers (I had nothing in the house to make some and still the sauce and garnish, and not the meat, were more appealing for me), but the fact that I was so tired it made me crave more for my bed and pillows than for food.

I’m beginning to think my baby is a vegetarian chef. Why a chef? From the beginning of my pregnancy I craved baking and coking, but not necessary eating the results. I make my own bread for the last month or so, and I’m looking to find a way to keep it fresh for more than 3 days, cuz I’m not baking everyday.

I just noticed, with the help of my husband actually, that I have stretch marks on my behind and when I measured it I saw that I was waaay over I thought I was. Till now I measured my hips, which are not the biggest part of my butt, but when I measured the biggest part I had a big surprise. I say I started with 95 cm, at most, and I now have 98 cm. I know is not much, but keeping track of my hips and seeing they didn’t change at all, made me pretty happy about myself and I was thinking the 2 kg I gained are all for my baby, but it seems I put something aside as well.

I’m loving the moments when my baby is moving. I feel something clear more and more for the last couple of days. It still resembles gas, but I can tell the differences now. I can feel them more at night when I lay in the bad with my hand over my belly, and my husband can feel some but not all, just like 2 out of 5, but it makes me fill up with magical happiness. And even if some could say it’s not baby it’s gas, that is some magical gas, why would I decide it’s not the baby so that I would not feel THIS happy? I love you Babygas!!!

Other symptoms: Back pain, but not that much anymore, inflamed gums, which I’m going to the dentist for, congested nose, the saline spray doesn’t help as much as I would want, headache, fatigue, gas machine and the need to urinate more intense.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight seventeenth week: 61,1 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust seventeenth week: 93 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist seventeenth week: 79 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips seventeenth week: 92 cm

Butt before: 95 cm
Butt seventeenth week: 98 cm

Bump before: 77 cm (I don’t know for sure)
Bump seventeenth week: 90 cm

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Finding Out Gender

Finding out Gender

Monday I had my 16 week ultrasound. I had it in my town because it was just a check-up to see everything is ok. And it was, regular heart beats, surviving skills ready, putting finger in mouth after first trying in his/hers eye, swallowing amniotic fluid. Me and my husband were so thrilled seeing our baby moving and showing his/hers entire body.

At the end we examined for a while the private parts and apparently he’s a boy. I think we will be more sure after 20 weeks, but my husband was all happy about it, but he was also a little sad because he got used to the idea that a baby girl would be so cute. So now he thinks we should try to have a girl too, even if before he said he doesn’t want more than one baby cuz he would want to offer as much as he can to one, so that he would have plenty. Now he has second thoughts, he says is a big chance we will try again in a couple of years if we have the means necessary to raise two kids.

So I’m thrilled my baby is healthy and big. I don’t believe he’s a boy, yet. I’m waiting for the more advanced ultrasound. He is growing fast, big for 16 weeks, but he doesn’t stay still for a moment and he’s so cute. He has 5 fingers at each hand, and we also saw a cute butt and his perfectly shaped spine.

I’m beginning to gain some weight, like a couple of hundreds grams per day. I hope is not too much. I still can’t eat meat, but I like eating something sweet from time to time, sometimes the sweet thing can be an apple, but chocolate is good too. So according to some sayings that if you crave sweet things is a girl, and sour/salty is a boy, I also crave cheese, so I can’t say if it is true or not.

Some other myths about gender are:
– If you pour salt in a pregnant lady’s head, without her knowing, and she scratches her nose, the baby is a boy, if she takes her hand to her mouth it’s a girl.

– If you are pregnant and dream rats, you’ll have a boy, if you dream flowers, it’s a girl.

– If you have the pregnancy glow, you’ll have a girl, if you don’t have anything special, it’s a boy.

– If you put your wedding ring on a thread above your belly and the ring moves back and forward, it’s a girl, if it moves in a circle, it’s a boy.

– If the baby’s heart rate is under 150 it’s a boy, if it’s above, it’s a girl.

Is fun to play with this myths, but I don’t know about you, but I like knowing for sure. We’ll go in march for fetal morphology and we will found out so much more about our baby.

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Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

We announced our big news on Valentine’s Day with this photo of my belly and my husbands belly. It was a busy day, with lots of people congratulating us and it was a good start for such a beautiful day. Till launch time came and my mother in law started a fight again. This time I told her that if she keeps on stressing me like this I will lose the baby.

She was completely insane and acting like no mother should act with her son and pregnant daughter in law, and I got very stressed because my husband didn’t want to ignore her behavior and still tried to explain why she was acting crazy again. But when he saw me crying and pulling his sleeve to go upstairs, he let go and came with me.

We needed a few minutes to calm down, think about the baby, but it was hard to stop crying. In the end I needed to start some cookies plans I had for Valentines, to make something sweet for my husband, and I avoided doing it in the kitchen, where she was, I put everything I needed in a room, that was a bit cold, but with my husband’s company I had everything I could want, right next to me.


After the announcement, we posted the photo above, some friends wanted to see my belly and came over. They are much younger than me and they are pretty excited about my baby too, probably because it’s their first pregnant friend they have. They were very funny, kept answering their phones with “I’m at Alina’s and she is pregnant”, and the person on the other line didn’t know me for sure but they congratulated me still.

My other friend told his parents and they were concerned about my age thinking I was in high school like their son. My friends asked a lot of questions about my belly, the baby, and they were super excited when they saw the ultrasound.

One of my husbands best friends asked him, when he saw the announcement: “Did YOU wished for this to happen?” and only after he replied he congratulated him. It was so funny, I expected something like this from him so it wasn’t a surprise, but still funny. Like I forced my husband into having unprotected intercourse, or I manipulated him into having a baby. SO funny!

After that we got dressed to go out for diner to celebrate my no-more-a-secret pregnancy and Valentine’s Day. I had no reason to hide my belly from now on and I felt relaxed. The pizza we ordered wasn’t that good but the company was, so the night ended well.

No other symptoms to my pregnancy other than back pain, fatigue and frequent walks to the bathroom. Some arrhythmia from time to time, but according to the cardiologist is very common in pregnancy, of course she didn’t explain why I had it before getting pregnant too, and if they are not showing on the 10 seconds EKG we should not be worried.

I’m staying positive no matter what so that I would not worry and it will not cause more stress.

Today I have a check-up and an ultrasound, and my husband is coming to see the bump for the first time.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight sixteenth week: 60,4 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust sixteenth week: 93 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist sixteenth week: 80 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips sixteenth week: 92 cm

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Stressful Environment in Pregnancy

Stress at the pregnant woman

As you know, my husband and I are living with my MIL and his grandma because grandma had suffered a stroke 3 years ago and they needed help and moral support. My MIL stays at home, she takes care of her mother, but before that she worked st the coffee shop they now left to me cuz she is busy with grandma.

Grandma is 84 years old, the stroke left some brain damage, and is hard for her to say words, even if she knows what she wants to say. She can go by herself at the bathroom, but difficult because she has some legs problems, and she can eat all by herself.

But this is not the stress part. My MIL has thyroid problems, she can’t put one and one together, she is illogical, gets paranoid and she gets mad and starts yelling for no reason which doesn’t help her blood pressure problems, and every time she has a fit, she yells that he should know she is sick and gets angry because of her thyroid and he shouldn’t get her more angry, so she knows she’s not being angry for a good reason, but she continues anyway. But my husband tries every time to reason with her, explain that we can’t stay quiet when she blames us for every single thing that goes wrong in this house, but she has also problems with listening, with waiting her turn to talk, so is chaos.

My husband had some blood pressure problems too and so when hell starts I try to keep him calm so that his blood pressure doesn’t get high. Yesterday, MIL and my husband had an argument, which ended when we left to our room (is a big house, we have our own floor, bathroom, but not a kitchen). The argument started again when we came down to eat dinner (we do this for his grandmas sake, she gets very sad if she doesn’t see her grandson and we can’t risk another stroke from her). The argument ended again when we left for our room again.

She then calls him to get down with the blood pressure device because they didn’t felt well. Again some argument started, and my husband told her something he bottled for some time. He told her she had been a good mother, but since she got sick he doesn’t recognize her anymore, and she should go to a doctor and get fixed (which we tried for the last 2 years to make her go and get treatment, and refuses) cuz she is making him crazy. And he only stays here because he is feeling pity for her and for grandma. She than started to do something with her chin, a weird motion like she was chewing something and he panicked and his blood pressure went up, and he felt his skull at the back of the head burning, he thought she was having a seizure or something.

He came and get me (I was on the toilet), I stayed just a few seconds with him and he told me to not panic (but I can stay very calm in stressful situations and think clear even if my heart beats 10 times as fast) he didn’t want to stress me or the baby, and he sent me to see if everything is ok down with the girls, he couldn’t go cuz he thought he couldn’t handle seeing something bad. I tried to calm the grandma cuz she wanted to get up and go to her daughter to see if she was ok. I quickly calmed the situation, made a joke to make grandma smile and see everything is ok. The daughter (my MIL) is sleeping with her so they are both in the same room.

My MIL didn’t want any pill to calm her down, but she sounded not that bad anymore, at least she was answering my questions. Before I came she didn’t speak, at all. I stayed a little longer (a minute or two) and hoped my husband was better upstairs too.

He then came to get me cuz he still had high blood pressure, 16 with something, and some chest pressure (I told him it can be from anxiety, breathing hard and fast can cause lungs getting tired, I tried to relax him). He still felt his skull burning and I stayed with him, massaging his chest and comforting him, putting his hand on my belly and told him to think of the baby that will be so bless to have him as a father, and it worked, he started smiling, caressing my belly, closing his eyes and thinking of our baby (it always helps me).

He was very stressed that he put me in a stressful situation, concerned about the baby, but he didn’t know what else to do. He started saying we should move out, that it doesn’t help the baby, and I said we should speak of this the next day so that now we can focus on relaxing.

Moving will mean, not owning our own house, paying rent and utilities at the same time with paying them at the current home, so that when we come back we don’t have to make other contracts, and it will be stressful, we will have money problems, and we expect a baby and we need to put money aside for the baby.

And I’m not saying that my MIL should help us more, or put some money aside, for her grandson/daughter, as my mother does, but at least she should make sure she has something nice to offer her grandson/daughter and don’t start fights without a reason (even if she had a reason she shouldn’t start a fight). My mother in law is a big spender and is always complaining about lack of money, although she should have plenty, she can’t put any aside, because she buys so much crap.

Another thing she does. If we see there are no eggs in the fridge we buy some, the next day she but HER own eggs. We don’t eat that many eggs but she does. If she has no eggs left she BORROWS an egg from us and she promises she will give it back. But if we previously TOOK (not borrowed) an egg from her she says she doesn’t have to give our egg back because now we are even.

And after all that, grandma said to him last night, with tearful eyes, with her own words, that she can’t live without him, and she need him here.

So, stressful environment or not, I’m going to protect myself, my bump and my husband and we will exit every fight she starts without saying anything. I think IGNORE button is the key.

P.s.: Today is the day we announce everyone else about my pretty baby. But about that, another time, so that it can be a happier note.

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Fifteen Weeks Pregnant

Fifteen Weeks Pregnant

Fifteen Week and counting. My meat aversion is getting annoying and I don’t know what to cook for myself this days. I tried some meatballs with sauce and I forced myself to eat the meat in it. I tried a traditional sour soup with meatballs and I can manage that meat because the liquid is sour and with vegetables and it helps me forget what I have in my mouth.

I stopped loosing weight, but I’m not gaining too fast. I need lots of water this days and I want to replace my need for something sweet after a meal with fruits, cuz I like them more and they are better for my baby than a fruit cookie.

I’m very tired, my backache is killing me sometimes. I’m craving some sun and I can’t wait my Cardiologist appointment on 13th. Hope everything is good so that when we announce on the 14th we will be happy without worries about my heart.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight fifteenth week: 59.9 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust fifteenth week: 93 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist fifteenth week: 80 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips fifteenth week: 92 cm

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Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

I’m fourteen weeks pregnant and I miss my baby’s fluttering. I didn’t felt anything for the past week so no other happy excitements. Besides my back ache, which is a constant pain and I can’t do anything about it, I had some arrhythmia that scared me a little.

This morning I felt exhausted and couldn’t stand on my feet to long, which is hard because I work standing up, and I had to go back to my bed cuz my pulse was 105 after 1 minute of standing up, and I felt a tremble all over my body. I said “enough is enough” when my breathing started to race, my heart was pounding, I felt hotter and started to sweat and I just felt I was going to pass out, which I didn’t want to happen on my job, were strangers could only look at me to a window and no one could get in and help.

My blood pressure, when I got to my room and sat down was normal, the pulse was starting to lower and I had some diarrhea and nausea but after I relaxed a bit I was good to go.

I gave another try and went back to my clients, but when they started to come one after another with no pause for me to sit, I stared to feel the tremble in my body again, and the pulse raising and my legs shaking and week. I could say it is from my back ache but I don’t know for sure, and I was just scared that I will pass out and hit my head or harm my baby.

The thing that I didn’t like was some arrhythmia that I felt from time to time, for a few days now, but today was more often and worsen by the passing out feeling. So I tried to get an appointment with a cardiologist and the famous one from my town is available only on 25th February and I made an appointment with him anyway, but searched for something earlier than that. I called a cardiologist from a private clinic and she was available no sooner than 13th February. I don’t know if it matter I am pregnant and if I’m a priority because of that, so I didn’t said anything because I’m shy.

Anyhow, I will wait for the appointments and hopefully they will not find something bad in my heart. I had this arrhythmia for some years, many doctors said they hear nothing wrong in my heart, the EKG test showed nothing, they probably didn’t bother too much because I was too young. Just one doctor, a few years back, said she can hear something but she doesn’t know what it is and maybe with an ultrasound, which was not available that soon, she can say what it is for sure. But now they have to listen to me and do whatever it takes to find out what this feeling is and if it can harm my baby in any way so that I know how to protect my self and my baby.

I feel scared, and tired and week, but my husband helps me a lot, lifting my mood up and taking care of me. I love him so much, and I’m so hormonal that I shared a tear writing that down.

New measurements:
Weight before: 59.3 kg
Weight fourteenth week: 59.5 kg

Bust measurements before: 87 cm
Bust fourteenth week: 92 cm

Waist before: 67 cm
Waist fourteenth week: 78 cm

Hips before: 92 cm
Hips fourteenth week: 92 cm