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Telling Your Family You’re Pregnant

Telling your family you’re pregnant should be fun. The day we found out I’m pregnant we figured that we have to tell my mother-in-law that we will, from now on, be careful about the cats and we will bring our own tablecloth when we eat with them so that we avoid the ones that she keeps in the bathroom next to the place the cats eat. But before telling her that, I wanted to tell my mom first.

So I gave her a call in the morning, asked her what was she doing, she went on about some plans she had for that day, and finally I saw a brake and took it. I asked her if she had some beads the size of a pea cuz I wanted her to send me some. She works in the confection area so it was a normal request. She said she thought she had but didn’t know for sure. I asked her to check and she got angry she said her food is getting cold and that she will check later. I said she will be sorry for raising her voice, and she immediately apologize even she didn’t know what I was talking about. Then I said, I needed a bead because that’s the size of her grandson in this very moment.

– What? What do you mean? she said.
– I said your grandson is the size of a pea.
– Wow, are you serious? That is so wonderful, I’m so happy, I don’t know what to say, congratulations! But why do you need me to send you my beads?

After a minute I stopped laughing and told her it was just a pretext to show her the real size. She wished us all there is to wish and I made her very happy, told her about this blog witch she can not read because doesn’t know English, and I remembered her food was getting cold and we said goodbyes.

Telling my mother-in-law was more pleasant than I expected. My husband started with some good news about his business and then he asked her if she wants more good news or should we wait for tomorrow so that both days will have something good. We told her anyway and she congratulated us, but apologized that she can’t kiss me cuz she tasted the food she was making and said it will be sticky. I didn’t expect a kiss from her anyway she is a little reticent when it comes to touching other people, or hugging, or kissing. But it went well and I felt good about telling her, she even asked us some questions about doctors and stuff and she reacted very well at the news that we will avoid using her tablecloth.

I’m planing to tell my brother about this on his name day. Saint Andrei is tomorrow and we always tell him Happy Nameday even if his name is Adrian. Instead of wishing him Happy Nameday I will say congratulation for being an uncle.

And that is it, I don’t want to tell my friends or anyone else yet, I want to wait till I’m 12 weeks pregnant at least. We want to be sure everything is ok.

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How to Sleep During Pregnancy

I am used to sleep on my belly so when I know I will have a bump that will prevent me to sleep my way I’m getting worried. I tried so many times to sleep on my back at least, before I got pregnant, and it was frustrating. Once I lasted an hour or so, couldn’t fall asleep and decided to give up. I just remember turning on my belly and after that waking up in the morning.

I read that is best not to sleep on your back either, it can cause problems with backaches, breathing, digestive system, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and decrease in circulation to your heart and your baby, the perfect position is on your side, left side is best because it will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. But don’t stay in one position all night, you have to switch sides from time to time.

Some tricks that I did not try but read about are to keep your knees bent and put a pillow between your legs. For back pains you have to add another pillow under your belly. For your heartburn you can support your upper body with pillows and you can also try this for shortness of breath.

Some recommend a pregnancy pillow but others say that having enough pillows propping your back and one between your legs is enough and you can save some money not buying that. I will try the pillow advice tonight. Better try everything now when I still have some time.

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I’m Pregnant

Congratulations to me! I’m pregnant. Today was supposed to be my first day of the menstruation but because I usually have some spotting right the day before and I had a feeling I was pregnant, I took the test today.

Then I dressed up, put a ribbon on my belly, took a bottle of champagne for kids, no alcohol just juice with lots of bubbles and showed him the test. He was so excited, he kissed me and he hugged me tight. He had happiness leaking from the tips of the ears, that’s how happy he was and I am too. I had no problem conceiving, I followed the rules, took the vitamins, done everything right and it happen.

I was a little worried about the home pregnancy test (or HPT) because the second line was not that clear. But I searched the internet and found out that is normal because the HCG is at a lower level at the moment, but it is present and you can consider yourself pregnant. If you see any traces of a line in the period specified on the test you are pregnant, if you see them after that period, usually after 10 minutes, and before that was nothing there, I’m sorry to tell you, you are not.

It’s no need for you to go take more tests, you can make the doctor appointment, he will tell you from that test alone that you are pregnant. It is best to wait two more weeks after the day your period was supposed to come, because you will be in your 6th week and that means you will hear the baby’s heart.

I can now schedule my appointments and continue to enjoy my last days without nausea and watch my eating and take my vitamins. I’m 4 weeks pregnant and I’m happy.
P.S: And that is really me and my test in the pictures.

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Expecting to See if I’m Expecting

I’m expecting to see if I’m expecting and it’s so hard. Friday I should get my period if the fertilization didn’t work, so till then I can’t even know if I’m pregnant or not. I’m monitoring my symptoms with that new app my husband got me, I’m Expecting app, and I don’t even know if I can be happy I get those symptoms or not. If my head hurts or my breast are tender I could see the pain, the discomfort in a good way.

The app is still so cool. It explains every week what my body is going trough and the stage my baby could be in. Now my baby could be the size of a poppy seed. Which is cool cuz I love poppy seeds.

We are planning to go to Bucharest for New Years and I was thinking of founding myself a gynecologist there who could help me give birth. I will not be able to visit her so often but maybe every two months will be ok. I could do blood tests here, or schedule my visits so that I can do all the tests the same day and my mom could pick them up. Hopefully she can help me on the phone if I need any advice.

But I still have to wait to see what the pregnancy test shows, then I would make my appointment. The time is passing so slow and it is so hard to wait not knowing.

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Herbal Teas During Pregnancy

There are herbal teas and non herbal teas. The non herbal teas mostly contain caffeine which they can be healthy if you are NOT pregnant, because of the antioxidants, but the baby in your belly can’t process the caffeine as an adult can.

However the herbal teas are caffeine free so that is not the issue. But you should be proper informed about which herbal teas are good and which are not. Like my previous post there are good herbs and unsafe ones that you don’t want to mess with. Usually the teas labeled as Pregnancy Teas contain good herbs that can help during pregnancy, like red raspberry leafs.

A list of herbs that are used in teas and how safe or unsafe they are:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf (Likely Safe) – Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains.  Many of the “Pregnancy Teas” commonly contain red raspberry leaf to help promote uterine health during pregnancy.
    There is some controversy about whether this should be used throughout pregnancy or just in the second and third trimester, so many health care providers remain cautious and only recommend using it after the first trimester.
  • Peppermint Leaf (Likely Safe) – Helpful in relieving nausea/morning sickness and flatulence.
  • Lemon Balm (Likely Safe) – Has a calming effect and helps relieve irritability, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • Ginger root (Possibly Safe) -Helps relieve nausea and vomiting.
  • Dandelion (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) Rich in Vitamin A, calcium and iron; dandelion root and leaf can also help relieve mild edema and nourish the liver.
  • Chamomile (German) (Insufficient Reliable Information Available)High in calcium and magnesium, also helps with sleeplessness and inflammation of joints.
  • Nettles (Stinging Nettles) (Likely Unsafe) High in vitamins A, C, K, calcium, potassium and iron. Used in many “Pregnancy Teas” because it is a great all-around pregnancy tonic. (*Note on the safety of nettles: Natural Medicines Database gives nettles a rating of Likely Unsafe, even though it is used in countless pregnancy teas and recommended by most midwives and herbalists. This may be in relation to which part of the nettles plant is used, the root or the leaves, and how much is used. According to other sources, the use of nettles is encouraged during pregnancy because of all its health benefits.)
  • Rose Hips (Insufficient Reliable Information Available) – Very good source of Vitamin C and helps boost the immune system.
  • Alfalfa (Possibly Unsafe) – Has Vitamin A, D, E and K; particularly good in later pregnancy to boost Vitamin K, which helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Yellow Dock (Possibly Unsafe) – Used to help treat anemia in pregnant women due to the high level of iron. Also contains Vitamins A, C and calcium. *(This may also be used as a laxative–talk with your health care provider about the use of yellow dock during pregnancy).

Source: American Pregnancy Association – Herbal Teas

I will get myself some red raspberry leafs for sure when the time comes, on my second trimester. I now drink very large cup of Chamomile tea every morning for the past few years, because all I know about it is that it is healthy to drink it. Is good for digestion, for when you have intestinal cramps and pain, for nausea and for digestive tract infections and airways, when you have a cold. So maybe the Chamomile here is not the German one they refer to, first because I’m not in Germany and second because there can be more types of the same plant.

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Plants and Herbs in Pregnancy

Yesterday was my birthday and definitely my last day of ovulation. Now I have to wait till, at least, 23 November, on Black Friday, to see if I get my period, and then wait another week to do the test. I’m so looking forward to that day!

I surprised myself this weeks. I ate more fruits then I usually do, lots of milk, and I checked everything that could go wrong with my plan. The I’m Expecting App was fun for research but I also checked the internet a lot. I wondered if poppy seeds during pregnancy can affect it but there is no conclusive  info anywhere.  Of course the poppy seeds they make opium with are not good, but there are different kinds of poppy seeds and some, the safe ones I guess, are used in food industry. I decided to avoid any poppy seeds as much as I can, and it will be hard seeing that my favorite breakfast is this:

I also found a cool site for pregnancy that helps you stay healthy and strong. It is called American Pregnancy Association and I found some cool stuff about plants there. I found out that not all plants are good during pregnancy and they have a list you can follow and be safe. For most of the plants I couldn’t get a precise translation to my language but the ones that I was interested in were not that hard to find.

The list of likely unsafe plants are:

  • Saw Palmetto – when used orally, has hormonal activity
  • Goldenseal – when used orally, may cross the placenta
  • Dong Quai – when used orally, due to uterine stimulant and relaxant effects
  • Ephedra – when used orally
  • Yohimbe – when used orally
  • Pay D’ Arco – when used orally in large doses; contraindicated
  • Passion Flower – when used orally
  • Black Cohosh – when used orally in pregnant women who are not at term
  • Blue Cohosh – when used orally; uterine stimulant and can induce labor
  • Roman Chamomile – when used orally in medicinal amounts
  • Pennyroyal – when used orally or topically

Fortunately the list for the safe plants has some popular names so they are easier to find:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf – Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains. Some studies have even reported that using red raspberry leaf during pregnancy can reduce complications and the use of interventions during birth. You may see pregnancy teas that are made from red raspberry leaf to help promote uterine health during pregnancy. There is some controversy about whether this should be used throughout pregnancy or just in the second and third trimester, so many health care providers remain cautious and only recommend using it after the first trimester.
  • Peppermint Leaf – Helpful in relieving nausea/morning sickness and flatulence
  • Ginger root – Helps relieve nausea and vomiting
  • Slippery Elm Bark – (when the inner bark is used orally in amounts used in foods) Used to help relieve nausea, heartburn, and vaginal irritations
  • Oats & Oat Straw – Rich in calcium and magnesium; helps relieve anxiety, restlessness, and irritated skin
  • Blond Psyllium – when used orally and appropriately
  • Black Psyllium – when used orally with appropriate fluid intake
  • Garlic – when used orally in amounts commonly found in foods
  • Capsicum (Cayenne, hot pepper) – when used topically and appropriately

They also include a list of plants with insufficient reliable information that is best you ask someone with experience in the field:

  • Dandelion – Rich in Vitamin A, calcium, and iron; dandelion root and leaf can also help relieve mild edema and nourish the liver
  • Chamomile (German) – High in calcium and magnesium; also helps with sleeplessness and inflammation of joints
  • Nettles (Stinging Nettles) – High in vitamins A, C, K , calcium, potassium, and iron. Used in many pregnancy teas because it is a great all around pregnancy tonic. Note on the safety of Nettles: Natural Medicines Database gives Nettles a rating of Likely Unsafe, even though it is used in countless pregnancy teas and recommended by most midwives and herbalists. This may be contingent upon which part of the Nettles plant is used (the root or the leaves) and how much is used. According to other sources, the use of Nettles is encouraged during pregnancy because of its health benefits.

Source: American Pregnancy Association – Natural Herbs

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I’m Expecting App for Android

My husband did a sweet thing for me a few days ago. He installed on his android phone this application I’m Expecting. I started using it this days and it is great. You can see the evolution of your baby and compare it with other moms. You can keep track of your doctors appointments, weight and symptoms.

You can add the day of the conceiving and it will tell you what your symptoms can be during the week you are in. It tells you what is happening to your body, what diet you should follow and it sends you to all this useful sites that can help you understand better the state you are in.

You can ask question and it can help you get a proper answer from appropriate forums. There are other soon to be moms that you can interact and make friends with so that you will have someone who understands what you’re going through to talk too.

Or if you don’t want to interact and you simply have a question you can search for it in the forums. Last night I searched about pain during intercourse in the forums, if maybe someone else asked that question already, and someone did. It seams that it happens when you are ovulating so it explained a lot of pains all this years.

Then I searched if intercourse the day after the ovulation is still helping, and I found out that sperm stays alive 5 days in your body so for me from Nov 7 to Nov 11, excepting the 9th cuz we didn’t feel to good, I have all the sperm I need, if we want a break today, we can have it.

It also has a due date count down for the days till the birth, not the weeks, which seems a loooong way to go. I also didn’t know that I already am in the second week and I can have symptoms already, and the top 3 symptoms for other moms are bloating, fatigue and breast tenderness. I didn’t experienced the last one, but instead I felt the first two along with headache and dizziness.

It’s a very useful application and is fun and easy to use it.

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The Days Before Conceiving

So today is my first day of ovulation, according to the calculator on my side bar. I started last night, just in case, but the last few days I spent preparing and making sure everything will be ok during the next days.

Monday I went to a gynecologist consult. She took an ultrasound of my ovaries. She complimented them, which was awkward to say thanks too, she said she doesn’t usually have patients like me, they usually come because they have a problem, not when they are healthy and want to stay that way.

According to her the pills I took to prevent unwanted pregnancy, which was called Logest, can cause breast fibroid, which I have, but is not that big, and my doctor had for the same reason, only hers was 7 cm.

My uterus is a little small, only 4 cm, she would prefer it to be at least 4 and a half, but there are pills to stretch it if necessary. Finally she recommended some tests before pregnancy, even if my doctor said there was no need for any special tests. I already did them and yesterday I got the results.

My RH is positive, which is good and every other test is ok, but it would’ve been better if I tested positive to Toxoplasmosis as well. Testing Negative, as I did, means that I did not had it so I didn’t developed antibodies for this disease that would’ve helped me not to get it when I’m pregnant. So now I really do need to protect myself from the cats, in order to do that we have to tell the mother-in-law that we can’t eat on her tables where the cats walk casually whenever they want.

Which means we have to tell her we are trying, which I don’t want to do cuz I don’t like when she starts giving advices and acts like she knows it all. Don’t get me wrong, yes, she did gave birth to my husbands so she has and advantage, but she also told the story about when she craved a cigar on her way to giving birth and she smoked right before entering the hospital. So how can I listen to any advice from her?

My husband wants me to go to Bucharest, the capital, where my mom lives, to do some more tests and find a good doctor that will help me trough the pregnancy and also giving birth there. I want that too, even if it is going to be hard to travel, the maternity here looks like a horror hospital.

I have to have a back-up here, and I like the gynecologist I went to, even if she is a little young, but I’m too scared to even think of entering that hospitals doors. My plan is to go to Bucharest a month before due date so I will be there in case of anything happens sooner than it has to, but before that month, if it is something that the doctor here can handle I rather stay cuz is expensive to travel back and forth all the time.

I have four more days of ovulation. On 1st of December I will take my first pregnancy test, and I will have to get busy to take my mind off it till then. On 13th November is my birthday so I can fill my time with that for a while. I can’t wait to find out! I keep my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

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Ovulation Calendar

My ovulation is starting on 7th November and ends on 12th. I already started some changes in my life, I stopped drinking when I went out, which was surprising for me too, and I started to take some minerals to strengthen my body. I also want to go for some more tests with some problems I had in the past, even if my last results were ok, I want to be sure.

The method I use was the one of the calendar and I had a little help from the internet. As I don’t have a regular menstrual cycle it is hard to set an exact date for my ovulation but I tried many calculators and most said the same thing. If you don’t have a 20 days cycle or a 35 days cycle you can find the approximation of your ovulation with any calculator.

You can also try the calculator on this blogs side bar on your right. You just enter your last period and the number of days of your cycle and you will find out your next ovulation. It can be useful if you DON’T want to get pregnant, but I say is better to use protection for that.

There are some other methods, like the body temperature when your body ovulates but to have an exact date of your ovulation you need to keep a diary of your temperature for more then 3 months. You are most fertile with 2 or 3 days before your temperature reaches the highest point. Some say that you can have 12 or 24 hours more after you observe the increasing in your temperature.

You can also use medical tests that can be found in pharmacy and are easy to read. I will stop here with the methods because the other ones are messy and rely on the cervical mucus and your cervix position which you’ll have to check for yourself.

We will find around the end of November if the calculations where accurate if nothing else stayed in my way of conceiving, like stress, or some other causes. Wish me luck!

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Pills and Vitamins in Pregnancy

I found a list of vitamins they recommend during pregnancy and some remedies that don’t harm the baby.

Good Vitamins are: Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, but not too much, not more than 3000 mcg per day, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, and Zinc. Usually this are all in the same pill in prenatal vitamins and you just have to take what the doctor prescribes you.

They say we should stay away from all pills in general, that is more safe this way, only take if really really necessary and only what your doctor prescribes you. If your doctor can’t help you with some tooth pain or head ache, I found some natural remedies that don’t affect the baby.

Head ache

We have some Chinese cream in a very small box that helps you if you massage your forehead with it. You can use it if you have a stuffy nose too, just sniff it a little cuz is minty.

Tooth ache

If you have a swollen tooth you can use some garlic, don’t eat it just crush it a little and keep it there. It is considered to be an natural antibiotic. You can use this if you have a swollen throat too.

For a cold

You can only treat the symptoms of a cold with lots of chamomile tea, vitamin C, maybe from a lemon you put in the tea and you can also eat some chicken soup. If you have a fever you can cool it down with some cold compresses and some alcohol massage on the back and feet. Stay in bed and try to sweat as much as possible, than change your clothes and open some window for fresh air, but don’t get to much if it’s cold air.


It’s a very common issue during pregnancy and is often treated with pills that prevent vomiting, like Metoclopramide, but only if the doctor gives his ok, and the nausea threatens to affect the pregnancy or the discomfort is too much to handle.

Bloating and stomach-burn

You can ameliorate all this with charcoal, some homeopath medicine or some adequate diet. St. John’s Wort tea helps with gastric pain and also mint, sage and chamomile teas.


This is a frequent problem for pregnant women because of the change in your eating habits. It can be fixed if you balance your diet adding some fibers to your meals and if you drink the right amount of liquids, specially plain water. You can try some exercises from time to time it could start your assimilation process faster. But if this does not help, you could use some glycerin suppositories, but not to often.


This can appear from time to time due to your diet and it is not considered a problem only if it persist for more days in a row. But if it bothers you and the doctor doesn’t think is a problem that needs to be fixed in a hospital you can try some boiled rice, bananas or mint tea.

Swollen feet

You can easily prevent this by not standing to much on your feet, but do not sit too long either. You can go for a walk to put your blood in motion and your heart, so that the fluids in your body wont end up in your feet. You can avoid too salty food so that the body wont hold on the water. If your feet hurt try to lift them up a bit, they will get better.

Breast pain

Is an easy way to deal with this kind of pain. You can use warm herbal compresses on your breast to soften the pain. It helps with the tension and improves the circulation. Just remember is better to do 5 minutes compresses, 6-7 times a day than just one for 30 minutes.

Yesterday I finished with the dentist. Hopefully no more tooth ache from now on. I am determined to stay away from too hard and too sweet candies so that I wont risk any teeth damage.

This will be useful for me too in a couple of months in case my plan is successful and I get pregnant. I will talk about every step I take and the way that I take it.