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10 Tips to Get Pregnant

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get; pregnant. Nobody knows the perfect recipe for this but this are some advises that will definitely not harm you if you follow them or just some of them and the chances will surely increase.

1. Stop the contraception

Of course I’m not talking about condoms or diaphragms, I’m talking about the pill. So you should stop taking them, at the end of the film, to prevent irregular bleeding, and a few months before you start trying for a baby.

2. Start taking Folic Acid

It is believed that this little pill helps prevent some possible birth defects. It is good to start a few months before trying and continue taking them after you succeeded at least till you get to the 13th week. You should ask a doctor for the right dosage but usually if the body thinks it’s too much Folic Acid it eliminates it.

If you have a healthy diet you don’t need to much vitamins during the pregnancy, but if the doctor prescribes you some, make sure they don’t contain large amounts of vitamin A. They discovered that too much of this vitamin is toxic for the baby and can cause malformations and complications at birth. But large amounts means over 3000 mcg and the prenatal vitamins usually contain like 750 mcg, so don’t take extras.

3. Avoid infections

Listeriosis: this is an infection that can cause abortion, prolonged pregnancy and diseases to the fetus in case you contact this during pregnancy. This disease was found in some aliments so that is why you should avoid: unpasteurized milk, pate made from meat (even fish) or vegetables, blue cheese, half cooked chicken (and mostly any half cooked food), fast-foods and ready-to-go salads.

Toxoplasmosis: This is caused by a parasite that regularly it doesn’t affect people. Almost 10% of adults can have it without them knowing it. But if this happens during pregnancy it may cause abortion and serious congenital defects. House animals (especially the cat) can carry the toxoplasmosis, but also fresh fruits, vegetables and salad that are not washed properly can be sources for this infection.
Some protection tips: Use gloves when you handle the garden and wash your hands every time. Ask someone else to take care of the cat and carefully wash the fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Smallpox: Can cause problems at the beginning of the pregnancy and you should avoid contaminated people, even if the chances to get it are lower if you already had it when you were a kid. If you have been in the presence of contaminated people you can take a blood test to check your immunity.

4. Avoid alcohol and cigarets

Alcohol can cause fertility problems to both partners. More than one or two glasses a day can cause difficulties in conception. If you are already pregnant, alcohol can cause development issues, malformations, mental handicap and prolonged pregnancy.

Smoking is harmful before and after the pregnancy. Smokers are more expose to abortion or premature birth and the newborns will have less weight at birth. Also second hand smoking damages the baby and can lead to the death of the baby.

5. Do some sport

Sport will help maintain your muscles in shape, a very needed aspect in a pregnancy, but it will also help you relax because the brain releases endorphins, a very useful chemical much needed to combat pain and stress.

During pregnancy you should be more careful with your exercises, be sure you stretch and don’t do any sudden moves, like jumps, and make sure you breath regularly, don’t overburden yourself.

6. Control your weight

Make sure you are at a right weight according to you height. If you are a little curvy, you should lose some kilo and cut some calories. However if you are too thin you should add to your diet some more vitamins that will help you gain some weight.

7. Don’t use any medication

Some toxic medications for the baby are: epilepsy drugs, those that contain vitamin A, antibiotics, chemotherapy medication, and any kind of radiation. Make sure you avoid any drugs before first trimester of pregnancy (up to 10 weeks)

8. Inform your doctor about your genetic diseases

Before you agree to start conceiving you should consult with your doctor about the genetic problems that runs in your family or in your husbands family. You will be informed of the risk you’ll take in making a baby or the solutions that can help you and your future baby.

9. Buy a pregnancy test

It is true that pregnancy tests can show a result very soon but try not to rush it sooner than a week after the time you were supposed to have your period.

10. Stress affects fertility

Is scientifically proven that stress has a negative influence in the quality of sperm and even the catching of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall. When the body is in a very stressful environment is too overwhelmed to assimilate the fertilized egg, eventually getting to a normal menstruation.

Even men can be affected by the stress, even the stress of the desire to have a baby can slimming the chances to impregnate.

So if I have trouble getting pregnant I know who to blame, my mother-in-law, but more on this, later.

So stay healthy and stress-free and you will have better chances at this!

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